5 Areas You Can Create Homework Space for Your Kids

August 16, 2020

5 Areas You Can Create Homework Space for Your Kids

Considering the unfortunate state of the pandemic at the moment, it’s clear that we will be doing a lot of things at home for quite some time.

If your kids are having trouble focusing on their studies, chances are they don’t have a secluded, quiet, ambient study space set aside.

In this article, we share some ideas on possible study areas you can create for your kids within your house.

Before You Start: Reuse Furniture or Shelves

Whether it’s a table or an old desk, transforming a piece of furniture is satisfying, and it’s good for the environment.
You can even reuse your leftover paint to paint them.
Be inspired by what you own in the garage, attic, or on classifieds sites.
Transforming objects and reusing them to furnish an office area can keep you engaged and creative during these times.

1. The Family Office or Playroom for A Quiet Place

If you are lucky enough to have a home office or at least room reserved for children’s toys (games room or basement), they can be redesigned to make some space for children.
The great advantage of dedicating a closed room to homework is undoubtedly the possibility of increased concentration.
On the other hand, supervision becomes more difficult when you have to manage homework and cook dinner.
To create an inviting homework space for your kids in your work desk, consider adding items they like to be in touch within the room.
Pretty lights, drawings they made, and, of course, a working desk/space.

2. The Hallway

The hallway is the ideal place if it is wide enough to set up an office. It allows a multitude of original arrangements that will add to your décor –hopefully, it’s not too busy.

3. Small Hidden Spaces to Maximize Profitability

Whether it’s to maximize space under a staircase or transform an unused wardrobe, it is possible to create a small, warm, and intimate space to maximize concentration during homework time.

4. Large Rooms with Open Spaces

If the rooms in your home are large and open plan, make the most of them.
A corner that is not used at the back of the living room can very well be used as a homework space for children.
Add a table or a small desk in the corner as well as wall storage.
Also, as the children will be near you, it will be easier to supervise the progress of the lessons.
Feel free to use your leftover paint to outline the space by painting directly on the wall.

5. Maximize wall height

To arrange an office/study area, think in height.
No need for a huge space if it is well optimized in height.
Just pick a small section of the wall and add a pegboard up to the ceiling with shelves.
As you will see, this adds a unique style and defines the office space well.
If you have several children, you can even put several study spaces side by side and personalize them according to their tastes.

Finally, whether in a dedicated room or simply an addition to your current decor, the homework area must, of course, be adapted to the concentration needs of each child.
If your child needs a lot of concentration, but you have little space, consider getting noise-canceling earmuffs that will help them concentrate more.

If you need some help repainting and decorating your home office or study area, our team can help.
We have years of experience doing interior residential repainting services in Kennett Square, PA, and West Chester, PA.

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