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Left Moon Painting

Erick Luna, Founder and CEO of Left moon Painting, began dreaming of owning his own painting company at the humble age of 12. During school breaks Erick would accompany his father, Erick Sr., on sites and learned the craftsmanship and dedication that went into painting a home. This dream became a reality in 2017.

Left moon painting is a family business in every sense of the word. Erick’s father, brother, and cousins work for the company. The name Left moon painting was crafted by Erick’s wife linking their last name Luna with a family symbolism of starting over and creating better.

The Leftmoon mission is to be the most reliable painting company in Chester & Delaware County. They will achieve this by providing the best customer service along with a highest level of painting craftsmanship.

Perform high quality work and provide excellent service.

At Left Moon Painting we believe Craftsmanship + Service = Life Long Customers

To be the premier painting contractor in our local area & Shine light on the painting trade.

Life gets busy, not getting an answer on a question you may have about your project or even trying to schedule an initial estimate should not be the standard we plan to elevate the trade and make it easier for clients to get a good experience.

Build & Maintain Client Trust

We deliver a quality paint job everytime: Our experience and knowledge in the industry means no cutting corners. If you have ever seen chipping paint on the exterior of a home that is becuase their painters did not complete the proper prep.

We stand behind our work: If you are ever unsatisfied with our work we will do what ever it takes to make it right.

Our Team: Each member of our team is polite and kind. Once they have been made part of the Leftmoon family, we teach and train them to become the best of the best.

Top Rated Painting Contractor

We Help Choose Colors!

We Are Family Owned and Operated!

Jason Luna

Jason Luna

Project Manager, & Owner

Jason is one of the youngest of our crew members but his knowledge of the craft is amazing. He is a car junkie, and an outdoors person-can basically survive anywhere on earth. A cool fact about Jason is he created one of our dads first business cards.

Eric Luna, Sr

Eric Luna, Sr

Craftsman, Field Trainer & Crew Leader

A true craftsman, Eric was the start of it all. He created the left moon painting way- craftsmanship+service= long term clients these are clients that have been with us from the start when Eric just started out getting side jobs 15 years ago. A cool fact about Eric is he lived in San Diego CA, for a couple years before he settled in Pennsylvania with his wife Sandra.

Brian Luna

Brian Luna

Sales Manager & Client Relations

Brian just completed his first year in sales after being a painter from sophomore year to 1st year out of school in this time he completed. He loves helping clients come up with the best plan for their project and answering any questions they may have. In his free time he enjoys playing video games & is also a huge sports fan watching soccer & basketball. A cool fact about Brian is he broke his ankle at a young age so one of his legs is longer than the other. He also is one of six kids right at the middle.

Erick Luna

Erick Luna

Operations Manager & Admin

Erick grew up in the borough of Kennett Square. He was heavily inspired to do painting because he always looked up to his dad from a young age. He remembers asking his uncles and his dad for painting work at the age of 12 for extra money. His freshman year of college he decided to take painting seriously and start a real company. He has always loved the trade, specifically working for and building relationships with homeowners.

This is our crew… Our work family

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