5 Budget Exterior Painting Ideas for West Chester, PA

October 2, 2021
2021-10-02 Left Moon Painting West Chester PA Exterior Budget Painting

5 Budget Exterior Painting Ideas for West Chester, PA

In considering the various elements that go into your exterior painting project, you may be thinking that budget is going to be one of the big concerns and you are likely right to think this, as an exterior painting project is typically a bit more costly than one that is interior – for good reasons, given the greater scale and the other factors that go into it.

You may therefore be quite interested to know that there are tactics you can employ that will bring down the overall cost of your exterior painting project, which will ease the issue of how very much the project will cost.

Let’s now look at and consider five budget exterior painting ideas for West Chester, PA.

1. Use Higher Quality Paint

One thing that you’re going to want to do when you’re looking to paint the exterior of your home when trying to save money is to use higher quality paint, as counterintuitive as that sounds.

The reason that this is the case is that even though your first thought might be to get the cheaper end paint and save money upfront, you are ultimately going to be losing money on the deal because of how painting projects actually work, cost-wise.

If you think about it, your painting project ultimately is going to cost you based on how long you get to enjoy the benefits of having done it – so if you use high-quality paint and it lasts you ten years, you can divide the cost of the project by ten to get an idea of how much the project cost you per year.

Now imagine that you went with a cheaper paint and saved 10% off the cost upfront but then found yourself needing to paint again five years later… would it have been worth that small savings initially?

2. Don’t Delay Exterior Painting

Speaking of delays, you are going to want to make sure that you do not delay too much when you time the painting of the exterior of your home.

Over time you will eventually see painting issues with your home exterior, be it the possibility of pain that starts to peel or otherwise get issues that need to be addressed with some pre-painting preparation.

The fewer issues you will have to face, the quicker and therefore less expensive the overall painting project will be – so don’t wait until your home looks like a disaster to decide to paint the exterior of your home.

3. Borrow Tools When Possible

When you’re painting the exterior of your home, oftentimes one of the biggest costs is the cost of the tools, and if you aren’t planning on making use of these painting tools for other projects it can be a bit much to buy tools that are just going to sit around your garage.

It’s well worth asking friends and family if they have these very much needed tools and of course, you will be sure to return the tools in excellent condition – but not having to pay for them means your project will cost quite a bit less.

4. Plan The Project In Advance

Making the time to plan your painting project in advance is another thing that doesn’t seem to conjure up the image of something that will make your painting project cost less, and yet it definitely has the ability to do exactly this.

By planning the project in advance you can take advantage of sales on the various things needed to get the work done, and you won’t be roped into spending too much money on things that you need because you suddenly realize that you need them immediately.

5. Don’t Buy Too Much Paint

Your paint can be one of the greatest costs of your painting project but you should never spend more money on paint that you are going to ultimately take to the paint recycling center because it expired after sitting in your garage for a number of years.

Make the time to measure the surfaces that you’re going to paint and then use a paint calculator to figure out how much paint you will need – and don’t buy too much more than that!

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