5 Painting Tools For Your Interior And Exterior Painting Needs In West Chester, PA

December 9, 2021
2021-11-16 Left Moon Painting Company West Chester PA 5 Painting Tools For Your Interior And Exterior Painting Needs

5 Painting Tools For Your Interior And Exterior Painting Needs In West Chester, PA

When doing an interior or exterior painting job, knowing what painting tools to use is essential.

You may already have shared knowledge about the usual run-of-the-mill brushes, but it’s better to know which ones go better with your chosen paints and if paint brushes are even the right tools to use.

To help you find the right applicators, here are 5 Painting Tools For Your Interior And Exterior Painting Needs In West Chester, PA.

1. Natural Paint Brushes

The bristles of this paint brush are made from real animal hairs – hence why it’s called natural.
The ends of this type of brush are naturally fuzzy or split, which helps the brush have a smoother and more even application.
There are two widely-used variations of this brush made from hog hair called black China bristle and white China bristle – with the white variety is the more preferred one by professionals because of its softness and smoothness.
Natural paint brushes are best used for oil-based paints and paint finishes and are suitable for enamel, woodwork, varnishing, or furniture wax projects.
Be sure not to use brushes with natural bristles with water-based paints, though, as they tend to lose their stiffness the more they soak up water.

2. Synthetic Paint Brushes

Synthetic paint brushes have bristles that are usually made from nylon, polyester, or a mixture of both.
Nylon paint brushes are suitable for smooth paint applications for interior paint jobs but are susceptible to damage under intense heat and humidity.
Polyester paint brushes are much more likely to hold their shape and are good for even lighter coats.
Compared to natural paint brushes, synthetic brushes are better for painting rough surfaces due to their higher durability.
Though some are manufactured to be used for oil-based paints, synthetics paint brushes are best used for water-based latex or alkyd paints.
Paints that are low or have zero-level VOC also work very well with these brushes.

3. Foam Paint Brush

As its name suggests, this type of brush uses foam instead of natural or synthetic bristles.
Foam paint brushes are more affordable as they are generally considered as single-use or disposable painting tools.
These brushes are not designed for big paint jobs but are more appropriate for paint sampling or minor touch-ups.
Foam brushes can be used on paints and urethanes and especially work best with stains.
Consider using foam paint brushes if you are going to work on trims, cabinets, and other such furniture.

4. Paint Roller

Paint rollers, or just rollers, are made of absorbent materials like a sponge, wool, or synthetic fibers that are attached to a handle.
These rollers are typically used to cover larger areas faster and easier, such as walls, ceilings, and wider furniture as well.
Rollers are available in different lengths or thicknesses called naps – and it’s better to use thicker naps for rougher surfaces.
Economically speaking, paint rollers are better than paint brushes as they hold more paint and make an even application on a broader surface.

5. Paint Sprayer

If you want something that can get your paint job done faster than any paint roller or paint brush, then a paint sprayer is the right tool for you.
They aren’t just quicker but require less effort on your part as well – sprayers can even mimic a mirror-like finish when you use the ones that use air to atomize the paint!
Do remember to be cautious when you use a paint sprayer, especially when you’re DIY-ing, as you might not be used to working with high-pressure tools.
Paint sprayers are generally better to use on exterior painting jobs as they are almost always designed and made for this purpose, but when you do use them indoors, make sure to cover everything that doesn’t have to be painted.
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