5 Signs it’s Time to Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets in West Chester PA

January 9, 2020
5 Signs it’s Time to Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets in West Chester PA

5 Signs it’s Time to Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets in West Chester PA

If your kitchen cabinets in West Chester, PA are looking a little, dated, stained, or worn out, replacing them is not the only solution.

Replacing your kitchen cabinets should be the last resort.
As you may already know, renovating and replacing kitchen cabinets can get expensive.

One of the best ways to give your kitchen cabinets a makeover and restore their good looks is by refinishing them.

If you’re wondering whether it’s time to refinish your kitchen cabinets in West Chester PA or toss them, here are some pointers;

Five Signs Your Cabinets Need Finishing.

Refinishing can mean anything from repainting, re-staining, or even refacing your kitchen cabinets.
The bottom line is that the design and overall structure of your cabinets remain intact at the end of the project, but the finish, color, and accessories might change.

1. Your Cabinets Look Outdated

If everything else in your house has moved on, but your cabinets are seemingly stuck in the early 1990s, you don’t have to throw them away.
Refinishing your cabinets can update them and bring them into the modern era with a touch of classic looks.

Remember, even if you have new countertops and appliances, old-looking cabinets can make your kitchen look dated.

2. Signs of Water Damage

If your cabinets are swollen, showing dark discoloration or not closing properly, it could be because of water damage.

Since there is always a lot of water in your kitchen, and most cabinets are made of wood, they’re likely to be damaged by water.

In many cases, water damage on the kitchen cabinets can be fixed by either repainting, refinishing, or refacing them.
However, if the wood is warping, showing signs of rotting or bubbling, you might have to replace some parts that are severely affected.

3. Your Cabinet Doors Get Stuck

If your cabinet doors don’t close properly or get stuck when closing and opening, it could be a sign of water damage or miss-alignment.

If it is water damage, the cabinets need to be dried and repairs done.
You may have to replace or repair some parts such as the hinges, bleach out water stains and apply a new coat of stain/paint before reattaching them.

4. Your Cabinets Are Still in Good Condition

As earlier mentioned, cabinet refinishing keeps the overall design and structure of your cabinets.
But for this to happen, your cabinets need to be in a structurally sound condition.
If your cabinets are shaky, severely dented, or broken, they might not be good candidates for refinishing.

However, if your cabinets are in good physical condition but you’re just tired of their look and style, refinishing them can be a cost-effective and easy way out.

5. You’re on a Budget

Kitchen remodeling projects, including kitchen cabinet replacements, can become costly fast.
Most kitchen remodeling projects can cost up to $30,000.
If you don’t have this kind of money readily available, refinishing your kitchen cabinets can be an effective alternative.

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