5 Tips For Superior Roof Cleaning in West Chester, PA

August 9, 2021
2021-08-09 Left Moon Painting West Chester PA Superior Roof Cleaning

5 Tips For Superior Roof Cleaning in West Chester, PA

When you are thinking about how you can update the look of the exterior of your home, one thing that people will often forget about is how important it is to have a clean roof.

In terms of home health, having a clean roof is not only something that’s useful from an aesthetic point of view but also from a point of view of having a roof that will last longer — for there are certain things that if they are not treated, will actually lead to long term damage to your roof.

Of course, it’s not always so straightforward, the cleaning of a roof — but with a little advice and some hard work, you’ll have a much nicer looking roof in the course of a number of hours — might be worth doing on a weekend when you make the time.

Let’s look at five tips for superior roof cleaning in West Chester, PA

1. You Need A Stable Ladder Placement

One of the first things that you should know when you’re looking at cleaning your roof is that when you are going to put down your ladder, it’s imperative that you place it down in a stable way.

This is a critical piece of information that you should probably know about, and yet some people will take it for granted, just putting it down the ladder however and then being surprised if there is an accident.

Granted, the best way to make use of a ladder is to first have someone hold the ladder for you but if that is not possible, you should just be more careful in how you will set up the ladder in the first place.

2. Do Not Use The Top Of A Ladder

Another thing you’re going to want to do, ladder-related, is to ensure that you never try to stand on top of the ladder when you’re cleaning your roof.

Of all the places that you can possibly stand on a ladder, the least safe place is the top of the ladder — if you have to step on it in order to briefly reach something this is fine but more than this and you are risking an injury.

3. Use Roof Cleaners On An Overcast Day

When you make use of roof cleaners to get your roof extra clean (or in the case of certain molds and mildews that are stubborn and more difficult to remove) you’re going to want to avoid making use of them on really sunny days.

The reason that this is the case is that many of the cleaners used to remove mold and mildew are sensitive to evaporation and as such if it is overly sunny you can find that the cleaner is ultimately less effective.

4. Avoid Power Washers

If you want to avoid the possibility of doing damage to your roof, you’re going to want to never use a power washer on your roof unless you are absolutely skilled in using such a tool.

This is because power washers, as the name suggests, are quite powerful and when you’re working with quite a few kinds of roofs can cause immeasurable damage, sometimes even blowing shingles right off of a roof rather than cleaning them.

5. Do Not Stand On Your Roof

Lastly, you are definitely going to want to avoid standing on your roof during the cleaning process unless you absolutely know what you are doing and are well equipped to avoiding any possible accidents.

It’s entirely possible that if you are not careful, you could actually break through the roof and that will ultimately cost you quite a lot in repairs and there’s also the possibility that you might fall… and the injuries you could sustain from that could last you a lifetime.

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