5 Tips For Using Chalkboard Paint in West Chester, PA

July 9, 2021
2021-07-09 Left Moon Painting West Chester PA Chalkboard Paint

5 Tips For Using Chalkboard Paint in West Chester, PA

Sometimes when you’re looking to paint the interior of your home and make for an interesting wall that really breaks away from what is considered a typical interior wall look, it helps to think about paints that are unlike the typical paints used to paint home interiors.

One way that you can really change up the look of a room is by taking one of the walls and making it into a chalkboard wall — it’s a wall that you or your family can use to make art, leave messages for one another, and more – though of course, it’s worth mentioning that chalkboard paint does come with its own issues, some of which we will be discussing today.

Let’s look at and consider five tips for using chalkboard paint in West Chester, PA

1. Black Is Not The Only Option

Though many people associate chalkboard with the color black, it is not the only option out there as far as creating a chalkboard.

You can choose just about any color that you like for your chalkboard wall, bearing in mind that you might have to adjust the kinds of chalk that you get in order to properly contrast with the color of the chalkboard.

As long as you are well aware that the color that you choose for your chalkboard wall might look a little darker than what you think and adjust accordingly, you should make for a really nice looking chalkboard wall regardless of what color you choose for it.

2. Sanding May Be Necessary

The way that your chalkboard ends up, texture wide, is entirely based on how well you prepare the wall before you begin the painting process.

Specifically, if your wall has a texture to it, you shouldn’t think that just applying primer and then paint is going to be enough to rid you of that texture.

You are going to have to first fully sand the surface of the wall that is going to get painted before you start the painting if you hope to not keep that texture — it should be just gentle enough of sanding that you get a smooth surface.

Once you finish sanding you are going to need to clean the sanding dust from the area so that it doesn’t end up in your paint.

3. Time To Dry Is Greater Than You Think

Though typically when you are painting an interior wall you aren’t going to have to wait all too many hours, when it comes to painting a wall for the purpose of having a chalkboard like wall, you are going to have to wait quite a bit more.

Your experience may differ of course but you are going to want to wait at least two or three days after applying the last coat of paint before you start making use of the chalkboard aspect of the chalkboard — less than that and you might have some issues with the chalkboard.

4. Magnetic Is A Possibility

Though a chalkboard wall is a splendid addition to any room, if you really want to punch it up you can enhance it by making it magnetic.

The way that you go about doing this is by first adding a magnetic primer beneath the surface — so before you apply the chalkboard paint you will first make use of a magnetic primer.

It is quite likely that you’re going to have to apply at least two coats of the magnetic primer in order to make it work properly.

5. Make The Final Surface Smooth By Sanding

Lastly, if you want your chalkboard to be as smooth as the chalkboard that you may remember from your childhood, you’re going to have to gently sand the surface.

By doing so you will find yourself with a nice smooth chalkboard wall upon which you’ll be able to make any art you can imagine.

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