5 Tricks For Properly Painting Your Home Exterior in West Chester, PA

June 9, 2021
2021-06-09 Left Moon Painting West Chester PA Exterior Painting Tricks

5 Tricks For Properly Painting Your Home Exterior in West Chester, PA

When you’re looking to paint the exterior of your home, there are certain things that you can do to help do a better job — not to say that they are absolute imperatives, but they will improve the ultimate outcome of the paintwork and might bring down the overall cost.

These are the kinds of things you can do to improve the time that it takes for you to paint, reduce the waste, and the like — all important elements in an exterior painting project.

Let’s now look at five tricks for properly painting your home exterior in West Chester, PA.

1. Painting With An Appropriate Exterior Paint

If you are looking to paint the exterior of your home, you should surely recognize that there are different kinds of paint meant for home painting – one that is meant for the interior of your home as well as one that is meant for your home exterior.

There is more to paint than just exterior and interior, however — there are different kinds of exterior paint as well, some of which would be completely wrong for your home.

Some of the factors that weigh into this are what kind of material makes up your home exterior as well as the kind of weather you typically get during the year.

A paint that is good for a hot desert environment would not be the same as one that is used for a more snowy environment – and paint that’s good for a stone exterior might not be so good for a wooden exterior.

2. Protecting The Ground And Plants Near The House

In the act of painting the exterior of your home, there is almost always going to be the chance of dripping paint — but if you make sure you protect the area near your home it will be a lot easier to clean up afterward.

For the purpose of protecting the ground, you may wish to make use of a drop cloth or a tarp of some sort – you just need to be sure that it is going to stay anchored to the ground in some way.

Plants also need to be protected but since an exterior paint job might take a while you should look for something lighter, like a light plastic covering.

It’s important to keep your plants lightly watered during the painting process so that the plants do not dry too much.

3. Looking For Surface Blemishes To Correct

Over time, it sometimes happens that certain blemishes and damage will occur to the surface of your home exterior — and these blemishes make for a paint job that needs a little extra work.

This is because any exterior blemishes on the surface of the house are not going to be just corrected through paint being applied — you’d still see those same blemishes there, just painted over.

These sorts of exterior home issues need to be corrected before you move on with the paintwork.

4. Pay Attention To Possible Mold

As important as it is to clean the exterior of your home, you need to pay particular attention to the problem of mold, as mold is not something you can just ignore and hope it goes away.

Mold has to be specially treated and you should be sure that it is fully removed from the surface of your home exterior before you continue getting ready to paint the exterior of your home.

5. Sand Before Painting

Another key thing that you should do before you paint your home exterior is to lightly sand the surface — this is going to be important because a smooth surface is one that is more easily painted.

Additionally, paint tends to adhere better to a sanded surface — so make sure to take the time to sand your home exterior prior to painting.

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