7 Bathroom Painting Mistakes You Should Never Make in West Chester, PA

October 16, 2021
2021-10-16 Left Moon Painting West Chester PA Bathroom Painting Mistakes

7 Bathroom Painting Mistakes You Should Never Make in West Chester, PA

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house — it’s the one room that it can be almost said that you are guaranteed to use it at least once a day.

Since you make use of it that often, it’s nice to have it look good, and so on occasion when it’s time to give the bathroom a new look (or when the time otherwise arrives to do so) you should give the bathroom a good paint job.

Painting any room can come with mistakes but in particular, you can make some particularly unpleasant ones in the bathroom that can lead to all sorts of painting problems later on.

Let’s now look at and consider seven painting mistakes you should never make in West Chester, PA.

1. Not Making Any Sort Of Painting Plan

One of the first things you should do when you realize that you need to paint your bathroom is to make a fully realized painting plan.

A good painting plan for your bathroom will involve the dimensions of the area that you’re going to paint as well as things like a good schedule for your painting project.

Knowing the dimensions (and the approximate area therein) can give you a basis for calculating the amount of paint that you’re going to need to paint the walls — you don’t want to go into the project with too little or too much paint, after all.

2. Not Cleaning Before You Paint

A major mistake that people tend to make when they’re painting their bathroom is to not clean the walls that are going to get painted.

They’ll look at the walls and figure they’re clean enough and just get on with painting, not realizing the amount of dust and grime that can be sitting right on the surface.

As much as we may want to think that painting the walls will make the dust a non-issue, all it’s going to do is give the bathroom a look of dirty walls with paint on top.

3. Leaving On The Toilet Tank

One mistake that people can make when they’re painting the bathroom is to leave the toilet tank on the toilet, which of course doesn’t seem like such a problem at first glance.

It’s more of a nuisance and inconvenience than anything else but can be avoided – essentially, by not removing the tank you make it so that you have to paint the wall behind the tank, and this is more difficult than painting the walls when the tank is removed.

This makes sense considering how close the tank tends to be to the wall.

4. Not Using Primer

Having a good smooth surface upon which you can paint is a good thing in painting your bathroom walls.

By making use of a primer, you will have a smoother surface and will also have one that is more adhesive — paint stays on a wall with primer, overall.

5. Not Looking For Mold

As you’re preparing to paint your bathroom walls, you should make sure that you thoroughly inspect the area for mold.

Mold is not something you should ever play around with – it can wreak havoc on your bathroom and your health as well.

Make sure to find any mold that could be in your bathroom and fully remove it.

6. Guessing How Color Will Look

When you’re looking to paint your bathroom walls, you should never just guess what your walls are going to look like, color-wise, based on how the paint swatches look in the store.

By taking small samples of the colors you may like, you can apply them to the wall (not too much is needed) and then see how it looks on your wall with a variety of different light conditions.

7. Not Letting Paint Dry

Lastly, you should absolutely make sure that you allow the paint to dry before you go on to apply a second coat of paint — if you do end up applying a second coat of paint, that is.

If you try to apply a second coat of paint before the first has fully dried, you’ll actually get some of the paint from the first coat on your brush or roller, meaning it will be removed from the wall — and this is of course not a good thing.

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