7 Carpentry Safety Tips To Follow In West Chester, PA

November 23, 2021
2021-11-23 Left Moon Painting Company West Chester PA 7 Carpentry Safety Tips To Follow

7 Carpentry Safety Tips To Follow In West Chester, PA

Every job has its own set of perks, but that includes its own list of risks too.
Safety and protection are a top priority in professional and amateur carpentry projects.
With the right knowledge of proper on-the-job safety protocols, you can lessen the risks of getting injured.
You don’t have to take any drastic measures to avoid accidents.
Simply keeping a few tips in mind can help you work in a safe environment.

Protect yourself and your team with these 7 Carpentry Safety Tips To Follow In West Chester, PA.

1. Always Wear Your PPE

Your safety while working is your responsibility as a professional.
PPE stands for personal protective equipment and is an absolute must for every person working in carpentry or woodworking jobs.
Putting on your prescribed PPE should be one of the first things to do before you start working.
It provides an extra layer of protection against hazard exposure and reduces any health risks you may encounter.
Examples of PPE are wearing a face mask and safety glasses or face shields to protect your eyes from any flying debris.

2. Have A Dress Code

Wearing the appropriate clothing on the job is just as important as putting on the right PPE.
Avoid wearing any clothes that may get in the way of your work, especially loose or particularly baggy shirts or shorts.
Wear clothes that are comfortable but proper for the environment you are in, such as a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of pants that cover your skin.
This lessens the risk of your clothes getting caught in a moving machine or blade.
Also, try to avoid any jewelry as well, especially dangling ones for this exact reason.
Remember to wear the correct pair of footwear too!

3. Inspect Your Tools

A common error people make is going straight into using their tools without checking to see if they have been sharpened enough or working correctly.
It is a well-known fact that dull blades and bits slow you down due to being less efficient when compared to sharper ones, and blunt tips and edges can be very dangerous as well.
Try to keep your tools well-maintained, so they not only last longer but are safer and perform better too.

4. Be In A Good Working Condition

Just as your tools and equipment need to be in top condition, your body needs to be at its best too.
For a job such as carpentry, it’s vital to be alive and alert.
Being overly tired, drowsy, or under the influence of intoxicating substances may impair your senses and lower your reaction time.
Consuming a beer or two during work may seem tempting, but it is better to wait until after hours to crack open a cold one.

5. Use Only One Extension Cord

Rather than using multiple extension cords to supply power to your power tools, invest in one heavy-duty extension cord instead.
This way, your tools won’t suffer from a current drop, and using only one cord pushes you to switch from tool to tool, which helps you avoid the risks that come with having multiple power tools or saws plugged in.
Fewer extension cords mean fewer chances of tripping over a sneaky cord and injuring yourself.

6. Clean Up!

Unless you’re very particular about keeping your area clean, you will almost always see the workspace littered with sawdust.
This could pose a slipping hazard, among many other health and safety risks.
It’s always a good habit to clean up your workspace before and after working in it.

7. Stay Focused

If you aren’t cautious enough in a woodworking environment, you might fall under the risks of getting yourself hurt.
As such, it’s crucial to lessen any distracting factors in your workplace.
Make sure not to rush things and finish any tasks you are currently working on before paying attention to something else.
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