7 Ideas For A Dining Room Accent Wall in West Chester, PA

March 23, 2021
2021-03-23 Left Moon Painting West Chester PA Dining Room Accent Wall

7 Ideas For A Dining Room Accent Wall in West Chester, PA

When you’re looking to boost the look of your dining room but don’t have the time to paint a full room, you may want to opt for making what is referred to as an accent wall — a wall that stands out over the other walls in the room and really draws your eye.

There are many ways to make up an accent wall — one could spend dozens of pages discussing the notion of an accent wall but here we are going to only focus on some of them.

To be specific, let’s look at seven ideas for a dining room accent wall in West Chester, PA

1. Painting Stripes

One of the first things you might consider in making up an accent wall for your dining room is to pick a few nice colors, perhaps even two if three are too many for you and to make stripes on the wall.

There are many factors that are going to play into your striped accent wall, including how thick the stripes are going to be as well as how many stripes there will ultimately be and which colors you will choose to use.

When you’re choosing colors, you should think about what colors are not just going to go well together but also which ones would look good next to one another.

2. Making Use Of Wallpaper Samples

There are many things that you’re going to be able to do with the samples that you get from your average store that supplies wallpaper, but one that is not often considered is taking several contrasting samples and making an accent wall with it.

The nice thing about using wallpaper samples is that you will likely pay not a lot for them — if anything!

3. Fabric Wall

There’s a notion that some people have that you have to make an accent wall using paint, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Indeed, you can even make use of fabric to make a nice accent wall — it’s the color that really makes the difference and when you use fabric to make an accent wall it can even have a nice texture as well!

4. Photo Wall

There are a lot of photos you may have in your life, and if you get them printed nicely you can make a really nice photo wall that will make up an accent wall.

Of course, you don’t have to print photos anymore to make a photo wall — you can get digital frames that will show a variety of images in a certain sequence.

5. Antiques

In addition to putting up images on your wall, you can make quite an impressive accent wall by using antiques — not necessarily ones that you have from your own family, mind you.

It’s perfectly okay to get antiques from thrift stores or proper antiques for such things — of course, it may be quite helpful if you find these antiques to be relatable in your life.

6. Plates For Days

Related to getting antiques on the wall is the idea of putting plates on the wall to make an accent wall.

The really nice thing about putting plates on your wall is that you can appreciate the plates and if you want to use them, take them down for a while.

7. Functional Dining Room Accent Wall

Lastly, consider making an accent wall that is fully functional — you can put things on the wall that you are going to be making use of on a regular basis.

In doing this you can think of it as almost like storage and accent wall rolled into one.

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