7 Interior Painting Practical Tips for Kennett Square, PA

September 16, 2021
2021-09-16 Left Moon Painting Kennett Square PA Interior Painting Tips

7 Interior Painting Practical Tips for Kennett Square, PA

The interior of your home is one that can sometimes benefit from a regular painting — though one might think that it’s possible to just paint the interior of a room just the one time and let it stay painted that way forevermore, this is quite far from the case and any given room can benefit from being repainted.

Though of course you’re going to do a great job when you paint so long as you make a good effort to do so, you will do even better if you take the time to learn about some good ways to make a better interior painting job.

Let’s now look at seven interior painting practical tips for Kennett Square, PA

1. Use The Right Kind Of Paint

One thing you’re going to need to make sure that you do when you’re painting the interior of your home is to make sure that you use the right kind of paint — and this is more than just to say that you should use the kind of paint that’s meant for the interior of your home versus the exterior of your home.

There are certain rooms in your home where certain interior paints are going to perform better — like if you are in the kitchen, you will want to use a paint that is resistant to moisture considering how very much moisture is often found in the air in the typical kitchen.

2. Clean Well Before Painting

The surface of your interior walls can be quite dirty and this is just your standard room that exists in your home — the dust and dirt that flies about in the air can accumulate on your wall and if you don’t clean it off it will not help to paint the wall.

Indeed, you are just going to end up having a room that looks like it was dirty and then got paint applied to the dirt — and if you can just imagine how it looks, you’ll agree that it’s fundamentally important to clean first.

3. Don’t Presume How A Color Will Look

If you think you’re going to know how a color is going to look based on how the color looks on a piece of printed card in your paint store, think again.

The best thing that you can do to figure out how a color is going to look is to get a small sample of it and to paint a small square of it on one of the walls — then let it dry and see how it looks in a number of lighting conditions.

4. Two Coats Of Paint May Be Needed

Though you may think that you are going to be okay with one coat of paint (and in some certain circumstances it is sufficient) you may have to apply a second coat of paint.

Generally the best way to find out is to see how the walls look after the first coat has dried and then to make a determination based on that.

5. Carefully Choose Your Sheen

The sheen that you are going to use for painting your interior walls is going to vary depending on what kind of use the room gets.

A room where you are going to be regularly cleaning the walls, for example, will need a sheen that is considerably more glossy as it will be easier to clean.

If you don’t have to clean, however, you’ll be fine with a flat sheen.

6. Be Gentle When Sanding

In sanding your interior walls, you are going to have to be more gentle than not.

Though one might think that it’s okay to roughly sand to get a smooth surface, this is not the case and you should be fine with just a gentle sanding.

7. Allow Surfaces To Fully Dry

Lastly, you have to make sure that your surfaces are fully dry before you move on to the next step in the process.

Any time you don’t do this, it means that you are going to have paint issues at some point in the process.

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