7 Living Room Colors To Use In 2022 in Kennett Square, PA

January 9, 2022
2022-01-09 Left Moon Painting Kennett Square PA Living Room Colors

7 Living Room Colors To Use In 2022 in Kennett Square, PA

Your living room can be quite the welcoming respite from the day to day doldrums, a place where you can relax and enjoy a book or even play a board game with a friend.

One thing that makes a living room have that special look is the color or colors that the walls are painted, and in 2022 you might want to think about the various colors that are really big, so to speak, in terms of trends – if that sort of thing is to your liking, that is.

With that being the case, let’s look at seven living room colors to use in 2022 in Kennett Square, PA

1. Indigo

When it comes to colors on the color wheel, you’re going to find that the color indigo tends to be a bit closer to blue than it is to purple, so it certainly has a strong force of nature going for it, as it were.

However, you will nonetheless note that there is that touch of purple going on in indigo, which lends to it a sort of sophisticated appearance, as purple tends to do.

2. Linen

Another fine color that you might want to think about using for your living room is that of linen, which is one of the nicer colors you are going to find among colors that are more neutral than anything.

The nice thing about linen as a color for your living room is just how good other colors are going to look against it, so if you are going to have more than one color for your walls this would be a good starting color.

3. Peach

There are not too many colors out there that resemble a fruit quite the same way that the paint color peach (depending on where you get it of course and who is making it) resembles the real thing.

The nice thing about peach is just how soft and yet colorful it can be for your living room walls.

4. Very Peri

If you’ve never heard of the color Very Peri, you may be well surprised to find that it was chosen by Pantone to be the color of the year for 2022.

Very Peri is called that because it is very much a periwinkle color, which is very likely going to make a good impression on your friends and family when they visit your living room.

5. Blue

An excellent color that you’re going to be able to paint your living room is blue, which is one of the more natural colors as it were among colors on the color spectrum.

Blue has a lovely quality in that you can find it in many areas of nature, and so depending on where you want to draw your inspiration, you can make your living room reflect that inspiration.

6. Olive

When we speak about the color olive here we are not talking about the kind of olive that you would find in a cold bar as that would basically be black, and we aren’t suggesting you paint your living room black (unless you dig that sort of thing.)

Rather, this is referring to the kind of green that you might expect to find… well, also at that same cold bar, but more like the unripened olives that children don’t put on their fingers, traditionally.

7. Silver Green

Lastly, you should think about how you might like to use the color silver green in your living room.

Silver green takes the best of the colors silver and green and combines them to make a green that looks otherworldly, as it were, and can really make a strong impression on your guests as they see your living room.

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