7 Tips For Preparing A Homeschool Area In Kennett Square, PA

February 9, 2021
2021-02-09 Left Moon Painting Kennett Square PA Homeschool Area Prep

7 Tips For Preparing A Homeschool Area In Kennett Square, PA

The last year has been pretty rough, and in many households, the shift from going in person for all scholastic endeavors to staying at home for them has been difficult.

The problem is that for so many people, the need to convert part of their home into a homeschool area came about all of a sudden, and completely caught them unprepared for what was going to be necessary for having such an area in their home.

With that being the case, let’s now look at seven tips for preparing a homeschool area in Square, PA.

1. Have A Zone For Stretching

When your child/children are spending as much time as they will be or already are spending in front of the computer, one thing that they will be missing out on is the ability to get up from their desk, leave the classroom, and walk to a different classroom.

That is to say — they’re sitting for long periods of time with few opportunities to stand — and as we have learned in the last number of years, sitting too long is a bad thing.

One good thing you can do for your student/child is to help them out by adding a zone or designated area for stretching — you can encourage them to have times during the day when they will get up and stretch there.

You can even have motivational signs there that will encourage them with affirmative thoughts during their stretch time.

2. Make The Desk A Standing Desk Optional Desk

A second option that you can consider when you’re looking to make the homeschool area of your home that much better is to have your child’s study area include a desk that either is a standing desk or can be converted to a standing desk.

There are many benefits to a desk that is only meant for standing, but if it is too much for your child or children you can always opt for a desk that converts from a sitting desk to a standing desk.

3. Remove Not Related Things

To help your student/child do their best, you’re going to want to remove just about anything from the homeschool study area that is unrelated to their school work.

While there is a place for things like movie posters and action figures, that place should ideally not be their homeschool study area.

4. Add Scholastic Decorations

To add to the previous point about removing unrelated things, you may wish to enhance the homeschool study area by adding decorations that are strictly scholastic in their meaning.

These could be things like multiplication tables, portraits from history that give interesting facts, and the like.

5. Use Blue

There are many colors that you can choose for the homeschool study area in your home, but if you really want to get things done well there are few colors that work as well as blue.

Blue is a color that will be both calming and helpful in terms of helping your child or children focus on that which they need to get done for school.

6. Have Adequate Lighting

It cannot be stated enough how important it is that your child or children have sufficient lighting for their homeschool study environment.

It’s not just that they need to see their computer and books well, but it will help them in terms of focus and of course the teacher or study aid on the other end of the computer being able to see them.

7. A Window View Could Be Good

Lastly, though it is something that might backfire if there are too many distractions out the window — it could very well be a good thing to have a window accessible for your student.

It can be good in terms of fresh air and even just a little natural sunlight in their daily routine during the day.

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