7 Tricks For Cleaning And Protecting Your Bathroom From Mold in Kennett Square, PA

March 16, 2021
2021-03-16 Left Moon Painting Kennett Square PA Cleaning Bathroom Mold

7 Tricks For Cleaning And Protecting Your Bathroom From Mold in Kennett Square, PA

Your bathroom is an important part of the house, as you likely already know — it’s not much of a house if it doesn’t have at least one good bathroom to it.

There is always going to be some threat of mold and mildew in a bathroom given how much moisture is present there, but with some effort and the right treatment, you can take good care of it and reduce the likelihood of having mold and mildew in the future.

With that being the case, let’s now look at and consider seven tricks for cleaning and protecting your bathroom from mold in Kennett Square, PA.

1. Starting With The Right Kind Of Paint

When you’re looking to get started with a bathroom that is not going to see much mold and mildew, you need to be sure that the paint that is on the walls is the best for resisting it.

You may not be aware but there are some paints that are just better suited for preventing mold and mildew and if your bathroom is not making use of it, you may be putting the walls in a bit of danger of getting such mold.

Of course, if you recently painted and realize that it’s already posted, you shouldn’t then go on to repaint your bathroom just for that reason but when you next find an opportunity to paint, you should make sure to use just the anti-mold paint.

2. Being Careful With Your Towel

You may be wondering what the correlation is between your towel and having mold or mildew in your bathroom but there is a distinct one — specifically, the way that you hang the towels after you bathe.

The problem is that the way that many towels are hung presents an issue in the way that they can be pressed up against the wall for hours at a time, moist.

The better thing to do is to hang up the towel in such a way that it doesn’t make contact with the wall until they have a chance to dry, and then to store them.

3. Vinegar Is Your Friend

In terms of cleaning your walls and attacking there are a lot of ways to go but if you want to go with a more ‘natural’ way to go, vinegar is going to be a good bet.

Vinegar is nice in that you don’t have to spend a lot of time airing out your bathroom due to strong chemical smells and at the same time it does a good job at getting mold out of the way.

4. Wiping Down Showers

If there’s one thing that you should do whenever you shower, it’s taking the minute or so that it would normally take to wipe down your shower after using it.

Though it may not seem like that big of a deal, even that little moisture in the bathroom can accumulate and over time attract mold and mildew.

5. Cracked Tile Is A Hidden Threat

A danger people don’t even think about until it’s too late is when there are cracks in your tiles — and then moisture seeps in and causes mold and mildew damage.

When you see the slightest bit of a crack, you should take care to get it filled as necessary and otherwise repaired before mold can take.

6. Fans For Bathroom Use

They’re very loud but a good thing — fans being used especially when you have hot water going on in the shower can help you prevent mold.

Don’t forget to turn on the fan before you get in the shower and you can avoid a lot of the problems that come along with mold in the bathroom.

7. Regular Cleaning For The Win

Lastly, remember to make time every week to clean your bathroom.

A little time spent cleaning your bathroom will make for a better bathroom overall.

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