8 Painting Projects You Can Do Over the Weekend in Kennett Square, PA

August 23, 2020

8 Painting Projects You Can Do Over the Weekend in Kennett Square, PA

Have you ever started a painting project over the weekend and returned to work on Monday morning without finishing it?

We often tend to underestimate the time required to finish most painting projects.

Forgetting to plan the drying, sanding, or restoration time when estimating the time for a DIY project is common with many homeowners.

To make sure you have plenty of time, here’s a list of our top weekend painting projects you can complete in two days or less.

Repaint the Front Door

If you don’t have the time or the budget to redesign your entrance hall completely, you will still get quite a change when painting your front door.
Is this made of wood? Painting wood requires a few stages of preparation and drying, but all can be done in 2 days.
If your door is steel, get paint specifically designed for this type of material.

Paint the Interior of a Cabinet

Need a change of decor in the living room or the bathroom?
Paint the inside of a piece of furniture to give it a new look
With this quick project, you’ll add a bit of color without having to turn your room upside down completely.
Empty the cabinet to be painted. Pick a color that matches your current decor, or reuse paint you already own.

Paint Patterns or a Mural on Your Walls

Altogether painting a room can take a long time. Are you discouraged by the steps of washing, sanding, and repainting?
Go with a mural or a simple pattern on the wall.
Plus, you won’t have to empty your room.
Push all your furniture into a corner of the room (cover it for extra caution) and start your project.

Make a Study Area for the Children

For a quick project, paint your old shelves, the legs of an old cabinet, or just a pretty chair.
Set everything up in a quiet corner, with a small table and some accessories to decorate the new corner.
You can also paint directly on the wall and affix a shelf as a work table, but be sure to secure it.

Transform the Stairs

Painting all or only the risers will give a unique look to your staircase.
You can even reuse your leftover paint to complete the project.

Paint Kitchen Cabinet Doors

It takes a long time to paint the entire kitchen, but just transforming the doors of your cupboards is possible in a weekend
The technique is simple but still requires a little preparation.
For an even faster project, prioritize the bottom cabinet doors.

Painting a piece of furniture

Is one of your furniture worn out? A small table lying in the back of your garage?
Simply repaint them
By adding a little color, you will see your old furniture completely transformed.
Simple and effective as a project to change your decor and attract attention to a new element.

Painting Plant Pots

We see them everywhere, these pretty white sandstone planters. Do you have leftover white paint AND motley planters?
You can even out the color using the leftover white paint on the planters. First, cover your work surface with newspaper and start your project.
Paint the interior and exterior in 2 steps for a better result.
Depending on the base color of your pots, you will need to apply between 1 and 3 coats. Leave to dry between each coat.

Need Some Help with that?

If you don’t have the painting and design skills and experience required to handle some of these projects, consider hiring a professional painting contractor in West Chester, PA, like Left Moon Painting.

We have years of experience offering residential repainting services in Kennett Square, PA, and West Chester PA.

If you would like to try us, request a FREE estimate below to get started or call us at (484) 757-5295 for more information.

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