Basement Painting On A Budget In Kennett Square, PA

November 1, 2022
2022-11-01 Left Moon Painting Kenneth Square PA Basement Painting Budget

Basement Painting On A Budget In Kennett Square, PA

In any painting project, an important factor that will come into play is the budget — and this is going to be the case whether you’re working on an interior painting project or an exterior one.

The good thing to know about this kind of project is that even if you are painting your basement, there are ways that you can save money in the short and long term — and still have a good looking basement when you have finished.

Let’s have a look at some tips for painting your basement on a budget.

1. Use Donated Paint

One way that you can save money on your basement painting project is to make use of paint that was donated — either perhaps at a facility that recycles paint or an organization that sells donated things like paint and home project supplies to raise money for building homes for the needy and the like.

Whether you are buying from that kind of organization or even if you are acquiring paint from a recycling center (that will be almost always happier to give away paint than put it through the process of recycling it) you should be aware that your options will be a lot more limited than if you go to a traditional paint store and pay full price for your paint and primer.

With that being the case, if you’re flexible with your color options you can save money by getting your paint this way.

2. Compare Paint Prices

An important way that you can save money on your painting project is to actively compare the paint prices that you see between one paint store and another and don’t just settle for getting whatever paint you find at the absolute first store.

This means that you should go to at least a few stores, and there’s a good possibility that if you go to the right store and you perhaps casually mention that you are comparison shopping that they might cut you a bit of a deal if you stay where you are.

By comparing paint prices, you can be at least somewhat sure that you are getting a better price on the paint and the primer that you are going to be applying to your basement walls.

3. Don’t Wait Too Long To Paint

Though it may seem a bit counterintuitive, it’s actually a good idea to paint a bit more often and not to wait until the walls of your basement are looking so worn out and decrepit that it looks like you may have an actual haunting going on in your basement.

The reason that more regular paintings are a good idea is that if you let too much time pass between when you paint, you are going to have to put an increasing amount of work into the painting project, which of course just will push up the budget of the paintwork that you have to do.

By doing it a bit more regularly, you will find that though you may have to do it a little more frequently, you will not be spending nearly as much each time — a bit like how if you take it in your car for regular check-ups it ultimately costs you less than driving it around for years without having anything tuned up or replaced.

4. Take Your Time When You Paint

In painting your basement walls, it’s key to take your time — you don’t want to be rushing through the painting project.

For one, by rushing through the project you are more likely to make the kinds of mistakes that will have to be corrected — and the time that you spend fixing these mistakes is time you could be doing something else, so you really aren’t saving money.

Moreover, you’re wasting paint — and thus wasting your money.

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