Bathroom Ceiling Painting Tricks To Learn in Unionville, PA

August 21, 2022
2022-08-21 Left Moon Painting Unionville PA Bathroom Ceiling Painting Tricks

Bathroom Ceiling Painting Tricks To Learn in Unionville, PA

In improving your bathroom, you may look to the cabinets and the walls in terms of painting and then to the tub and the shower as far as upgrades — but have you ever thought about what it would be like to paint the ceiling?

Though the ceiling is a surface that is less regularly looked at, it nevertheless is important to paint it on occasion as it is fairly obvious if it has been too long since your ceiling was painted.

If you make the time to learn about what you can do with your ceiling, you can make for a better painting project and it is well worth doing so.

Let’s have a look at some bathroom ceiling painting tricks to learn.

1. Consider Your Color Choices

If you are like a lot of people, you are going to look at this suggestion and say that there’s nothing to consider — that you of course are going to stick with the basic white for the ceiling.

This doesn’t have to be the case, however – you should know that there are other colors available out there for you, and the thing you should do instead is to have a good look around the bathroom and think about what color or colors would look nice with them, and consider making them your ceiling.

Some would say that you shouldn’t really go too dark with your bathroom ceiling color, and that may well be the case but it will ultimately be your bathroom and your call as to how it looks.

2. Use Mold Resistant Paint

There are going to be a lot of paint choices out there for your bathroom ceiling painting project, but you will find that some are in fact better than others.

Considering the high level of humidity that is frequently found in your standard bathroom, it’s a good idea to make use of mold-resistant paint — and while you can’t ward off mold and mildew indefinitely (and thus it bears checking for mold periodically) it certainly is better to make use of such paint over other kinds of paint that won’t protect against mold.

Better to be protected against mold and mildew for a few years even and then see where you are in terms of perhaps wanting to refresh the look of it.

3. Remove And Cover Things Not Being Painted

In the course of painting your bathroom ceiling, you are likely going to want to protect the things in your bathroom from the dripping paint that will be coming down even if you use the most non-drip kind of paint that is available.

There are certain things that you’re going to be able to remove from the room entirely and it’s better that you do so — and other things, it’s better to cover with a protective tarp or drop cloth.

The toilet, for example, is going to be somewhat difficult to properly cover with a drop cloth, but if it’s absolutely difficult for you to remove it’s better to cover it than to possibly cause damage to it in the process of removing it.

4. Clean Before Painting

Lastly,  remember that in the process of painting your ceiling you are going to need to first thoroughly clean the surface that is being painted.

Though you may think of a ceiling as a surface that does not have to be cleaned prior to being painted and that your paint in itself is just going to cover the dust that may be on the ceiling — indeed, it will make for quite a mess.

What you’re going to want to do is to clean the surface being painted, allow it to dry, and then to start the painting process as it were.

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