Bathroom Painting Preparation Tips To Learn In Unionville, PA

December 6, 2023
2023-12-06 Left Moon Painting Unionville PA Bathroom Painting Preparation

Bathroom Painting Preparation Tips To Learn In Unionville, PA

When you are looking to paint your bathroom, it’s entirely possible that you will feel the need to rush into the project and get started with your painting — but this is almost always a mistake.

What you should do instead is to make the time to prepare for your painting project — and there are some things that you should be doing before you start painting that will make for a better painted bathroom.

Let’s have a look at some bathroom painting preparation tips to learn when you want to have a well painted bathroom in not too long of a time — perhaps even for a better price than if you don’t prepare for it at all!

1. Measure The Surfaces Being Painted

One important thing that you’re going to want to do prior to starting your bathroom painting project is to make the time to measure the surfaces that are going to be painted.

By doing this you will be able to figure out how much paint you are going to need as well as primer — two of the key resources you need with just about every painting project.

You’ll also be able to safely figure out the timeline for your painting project including how much time you will be spending painting and how much time waiting for surfaces to dry over the course of the project.

2. Remove As Much As You Can Feasibly Remove

In any good painting project, you want to optimize how much free space you have and the best way to do this is to remove things that don’t need to be in the way.

It’s entirely possible that there are going to be some things that will be more difficult to remove than others, and when that is the case you can still move them a bit to get them away from the walls.

When this happens, however, you should of course be careful to cover them with tarp or drop cloth so that you don’t find yourself getting paint on these things — not quite the thing you want for your bathroom furniture!

3. Clean Surfaces That You Will Paint

Before you start painting the walls of your bathroom as well as just about any surface that you can think of painting, you’re going to need to do a bit of cleaning and this doesn’t apply only to the surface being painted but the surrounding area as well.

This is to prevent the dust and dirt that may have accumulated over time from getting on the surfaces that you are painting — it’s really not the look you will want going for you to have dust or even a bit of mold mixed together with the paint and primer you apply to the walls and the like.

However, you should also realize that when you clean surfaces it means that if you plan on applying paint or primer to them, you will need to allow time for them to dry before you carry on with your painting project or you will cause some serious problems to occur.

4. Protect The Floor And Other Surfaces

Lastly, remember that any given painting project is going to involve some paint and primer that will spill and even drip a bit as you are applying it during the painting process, so protecting surfaces that aren’t going to be painted is a must.

You may want to, for example, lay down drop cloth on the floor so that you don’t get any paint on the floor — it’s quite difficult to remove and you won’t like the time that you will need to remove it from the floor once it falls there.

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