Bedroom Accent Wall Painting With Less Mess In Unionvile, PA

October 6, 2023
2023-10-06 Left Moon Painting Unionville PA Bedroom Accent Wall Painting Less Mess

Bedroom Accent Wall Painting With Less Mess In Unionvile, PA

Your bedroom accent wall — if you have one — can be one of the most pleasant parts of your bedroom, and when you are thinking of having it be defined by color (as can be the case, though there are other ways to make up an accent wall) it’s important to paint that wall well.

However, one thing that often will come up in painting your accent wall is the possibility of a mess being made on account of the painting project — yet this doesn’t have to be the case.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some tips for bedroom accent wall painting with less mess that will give you a well painted accent wall in your bedroom.

1. Cover The Floor Well

One of the easiest ways that you’re going to be able to make for an accent wall painting project in your bedroom that will have less mess is to cover the floor quite well with a sturdy drop cloth or tarp.

The importance of these things cannot be overstated — a good drop cloth is going to help you protect the floor in that you won’t be able to get paint on the floor — and often it’s better than even a really good tarp because sometimes a little paint here and there can make the floor slippery.

It’s also key that you have something on the floor that’s not going to just move around as you are going from one part of the room to another because otherwise you’re fundamentally defeating the purpose of having that floor covering if it can so easily shift off of the floor.

2. Take Your Time

The feeling that you get when you look at your accent wall to be painted and realize that you have so much to do and so little perceived time can be quite overwhelming but that doesn’t mean you should be either trying to apply paint or primer too quickly, or skipping the waiting period between coats.

Indeed, when you just try to apply paint to your future accent wall in a manner that is too rapid, what you’re more likely to do is to spill paint on the way there and to just do it poorly while you are applying it.

If you take your time while you are applying the coats of primer and paint and then rush to immediately try to apply the next coat without letting the previous coat dry, you are doing the whole project a disservice.

Applying paint to wet primer is going to not only remove primer from the wall, but the paint that does manage to get applied to the wall will end up serving you with painting problems that you won’t be able to resolve.

Take your time in painting and you will find that you have far fewer painting issues — and a wall that looks like it is well painted with much less of a mess to clean.

3. Thin Layers Are Better

The thicker the layers of paint or even primer that you attempt to apply to your accent wall, the more likely you are that you are going to be making a mess that you are going to have to clean up later.

Adding too much paint to your paint brush or roller is not only going to cause an issue with a lack of uniformity in your paint and primer application, it will also make a lot more of a mess in the form of the drips that come forth from these tools.

By being sure to apply only thin coats to your accent wall, you will avoid the issue of overloading your brush and roller and you will have a much nicer application of the paint and primer as well as an improved time for these coats to dry, as thick coats also tend to take a lot longer to dry — saving you no time overall.

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