Bedroom Ceiling Mistakes To Never Make In Unionville, PA

October 6, 2022
2022-10-06 Left Moon Painting Unionville PA Bedroom Ceiling Mistakes

Bedroom Ceiling Mistakes To Never Make In Unionville, PA

A bedroom is a fine place in your home, whether it is your own bedroom or the bedroom of another person who lives there — it is quite possibly the most used room in terms of time spent continuously, certainly.

When you look to improve upon your bedroom, one thing you may want to do is to paint — and if you’re looking to paint your ceiling, there are certain key mistakes that if avoided will make for a better painted ceiling.

Let’s have a look at some bedroom ceiling mistakes to never make when you want to have a painting project that goes well.

1. Using Paint That Drips A Lot

Unless you specifically look for it, most of the paint that you are going to find that is meant for painting surfaces on the interior of your home is going to drip quite a bit.

What this means is that it’s better if you look for paint that drips less — this is typically marketed as ceiling paint, and will help you in your painting project in that you will have to worry as much about the paint that drips down.

This does not mean that you should just paint the ceiling with the floor unprotected, of course, as we will discuss next.

2. Not Protecting The Floor

As good as it is to make use of paint that does not drip so much, you nevertheless must protect the floor while you are painting — unless, of course, you have in mind a secondary painting project of adding paint to your floor.

There are two important factors in protecting your floor when you are painting your ceiling — one is that you use a material that is resistant to paint, and the second is that the material that you use be either heavyweight enough to not move while you walk around or somehow be anchored down to not do the same.

There are materials that you can use to cover your floor that will serve other purposes quite well, but will allow the paint to go through quite easily as if it were a coffee filter rather than protecting your floor — the key is to make sure you know if this is the case before you lay down the material.

As for movement, you can probably imagine how impractical it would be to have a protective material that keeps on removing itself from areas of the floor as you walk around.

3. Thinking White Is Your Only Option

In painting your ceiling, you may think that you really only have one option as far as color goes and that is white — but this is not at all the case.

There are many colors from which you can choose, and white is not the only one — you are really only limited by your own imagination and of course your own taste as far as choosing a color or colors that go with the other colors in the room.

Though there are color calculators online that can tell you which colors coordinate well with other colors, it’s ultimately going to be your ceiling and so will really be up to you to determine if it is appropriate.

4. Not Measuring Your Ceiling

Lastly, you should always make sure that you make the time to measure your ceiling before you start your painting project.

The one good thing about having measured your ceiling is that you will be able to calculate with relative precision the amount of paint and primer you are going to need for your project.

Additionally, it’s useful to know how much time is going to be necessary as this way you can plan out the painting project best.

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