Choosing Your Craft Room Color In Unionville, PA

June 21, 2023
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Choosing Your Craft Room Color In Unionville, PA

If you’re not well aware, a craft room is one in which you can make great things happen as far as your crafts — creative projects and the like.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that one of the most noteworthy things that you will find in your craft room when it comes to painting it is the color or colors of the walls — it can easily change the entire dynamic of your craft room as it were.

With that being so, let’s have a look at some fun tips for choosing your craft room color that will make for a nicer looking craft room.

1. Look At Your Natural Light

One thing that’s going to help you pick out the color or colors in your craft room is the amount of natural light that comes into the room.

Any given color is going to react differently to natural light, as opposed to how it treats the different sorts of artificial light sources we have in our rooms.

Based on the levels of natural light you have in your craft room, you will be able to better determine a good color or colors for the walls.

2. Remember Your Ceiling And Floor

In pursuit of a particularly nice looking craft room, we sometimes will forget that there are two other surfaces that have to be considered — the floor and the ceiling!

Though most people are not likely to be painting their floor, that doesn’t mean that you should not think about the floor when you are painting your walls — you do have some kind of color going on down there whether it’s a carpet, a rug, or a shade of tile!

Look to your ceiling as well — you can make your ceiling look a certain way for your craft room and by painting it you can get your room to have a certain look or feel.

3. Harmonize With Your Supplies

The supplies in your craft room can help you to decide what color or colors you are going to be painting your walls.

If you have largely wooden tools, for example, you might want to go with a certain set of colors that would go along side them.

If you have tools that come in a variety of colors, on the other hand, you should look to those colors and think about what color or colors would go well with those colors.

4. Use Paint Samples To Experiment

Though there are many colors and you might be overwhelmed by the selection, this doesn’t mean that you should just look at painted print strips to decide on your future paints — those paint strips don’t do as well as actual paint samples on the wall.

If you get a few paint samples from the store, you can apply them to the wall and then after they have dried you can see how those colors actually look in different lighting conditions.

Making use of paint samples will save you a lot of money because if you get a paint based on how a color strip looks in the store and then get home and start painting and are disappointed, it’s going to take a lot more money to fix that kind of mistake.

5. Follow Your Intuition

Lastly, think about just following your intuition — you know yourself better than anyone else and it may just be a good idea to go into the craft room and look around.

Perhaps you should close your eyes and just try to envision how your craft room looks in your mind’s eye — and then do whatever it takes to make it look that way.

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