Dining Room Accent Wall Mistakes To Avoid In Unionville, PA

December 21, 2022
2022-12-21 Left Moon Painting Unionville PA Dining Room Accent Wall Mistakes

Dining Room Accent Wall Mistakes To Avoid In Unionville, PA

You may want to improve upon the look of your dining room, and it’s entirely possible that one thing that will make it look that much better is an accent wall — a wall that will stand out from the other walls in the room.

However, in painting your dining room accent wall, it’s entirely possible that you may stumble into a few mistakes that will really throw off your painting project, or make it cost more than it should.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some dining room accent wall mistakes to avoid when you want a better painted dining room accent wall.

1. Using Paint That’s Hard To Clean

One thing that’s really going to throw off your painting project is if you make use of paint that is hard to clean.

Rather, if you make use of a paint that’s difficult to clean you could very well find yourself needing to paint a lot sooner than you may have wanted to.

The issue with flat paint, for example, is if you have a stain on the wall thanks to perhaps a child getting jelly on it, you will find that instead of removing just the jelly when you go to clean it you will get some of the paint off as well.

Instead, you should consider making use of glossy paint that can be cleaned by wiping it with a moist cloth – and all you’ll remove is the mess and none of the paint.

2. Only Allowing Yourself One Color

Though in an accent wall you might want to make use of one color — a color that is different from the other colors in the room of course but also one that contrasts with at least one of those colors, you don’t have to use just one color.

Indeed, you can make use of more than one color for your accent wall, and there are just a couple of things you have to remember for doing this.

One thing is that the colors that you choose for your accent wall should go well together — they certainly shouldn’t be contrasting colors.

By contrast (pun very much intended) they should contrast with the other colors in the room – this remains true that they should contrast because that is what makes it an accent wall.

3. Not Cleaning The Accent Wall

Since you’re going to be painting your accent wall, you may well think that this means that you aren’t going to have to do any cleaning — this is not the case.

One of the best things that you’re going to be able to do for your accent wall is to first clean the surface that is going to be painted.

This will ensure that you will be able to properly apply the primer and paint to the wall — and if you do not do this, you will pretty much ensure that your accent wall looks like a wall that was dirty and had paint applied to it.

It really will be just that unpleasant — so proper cleaning is necessary.

4. Not Considering Decoration

Remember that the key thing about your accent wall is that it is going to stand out as a wall from all the other walls in the room.

This means that the color should ideally be different, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to go undecorated — far from it.

For some people, having some decorations on the wall that follow along with some theme is part and parcel with what makes the accent wall itself — and it will certainly make it more one of a kind!

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