Everything You Need To Know About Popcorn Ceiling Removal in West Chester, PA

August 23, 2021
2021-08-23 Left Moon Painting West Chester PA Popcorn Ceiling

Everything You Need To Know About Popcorn Ceiling Removal in West Chester, PA

When you’re looking to update the look of your home, you may come across a room that perhaps needs more help than the other rooms and for the reason that it happens to have a popcorn ceiling.

Though some people might say that popcorn ceilings are pleasant and that there’s nothing wrong with them, others would say that they are not aesthetically pleasing and need to be removed.

Removing a popcorn ceiling is not as straightforward as other work that you may have to do in your home, however, and it’s worth looking into the right way to do it.

Let’s now look at and consider everything you need to know about popcorn ceiling removal in West Chester

1. Check For Asbestos

One of the most important things that you’re going to do when you’re taking care of popcorn ceiling removal is making sure that you don’t have asbestos in your popcorn ceiling.

There are ways to test out your popcorn ceiling, and by taking a small sample of the popcorn ceiling you can either make use of a home testing kit or send it off to a professional laboratory for testing.

If it turns out that the sample does contain asbestos, you are going to know that the project of removing the popcorn ceiling should not be taken lightly but should be turned over to a professional organization that specializes in asbestos removal, as it typically is not safe for people without the experience to try doing it.

2. Remove The Furniture

Once you have determined that you’re going to be able to remove the popcorn ceiling yourself, you should make every effort to remove as much of the furniture from the room as possible.

By doing this, you’re going to be able to avoid getting the mess that you have upon your ceiling on your furniture — and of course, you can certainly make the time to cover the furniture with a tarp or the like, but by not having the furniture in the room will make it that much better because there won’t be furniture to get dirty.

3. Prepare To Scrape Hard

One thing that you’re going to have to know about removing the popcorn ceiling from your ceiling is that it’s going to necessarily involve a lot of hard work.

This will involve quite a bit of hard scraping on your part, not just a bit of it but quite a lot, and over the course of your entire ceiling that is covered with popcorn.

4. Damp Not Soaking Wet

In preparing to scrape the popcorn ceiling, there is a certain amount of water that you’re going to need to apply to the ceiling.

The trick to this, however, is that you have to bear in mind that you are going to want to not get the ceiling too wet — just damp enough, but not soaking wet.

Though it might seem like having more water would be a better thing, this is not the case at all.

Indeed, you can be rather ruinous of the ceiling and cause quite a lot of unnecessary dripping of water.

5. Wear Protective Gear

The last thing you should know about for the purposes of this article is that in the course of getting the popcorn ceiling off of your ceiling is that you will have to wear protective equipment while doing so.

This means that you will have to wear protective goggles but also gloves that will protect your hands during the course of the cleaning and even a face mask so that you’re not going to be breathing in anything unpleasant during the process.

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