Everything You Should Know About Wallpaper Removal In Hockessin DE

August 26, 2023
2023-08-26 Left Moon Painting Hockessin DE Wallpaper Removal

Everything You Should Know About Wallpaper Removal In Hockessin DE

When you are looking to paint a room in your home and you find that the wallpaper that was there from either the previous owners or the previous version of you that thought that wallpaper was a good idea, you may need to make the time to remove that wallpaper before you paint the room.

You may be well aware of how important it is to remove wallpaper prior to painting (if it is at all feasible without causing undue damage to the walls) but did you know that there are things you can do to improve the process of this wallpaper removal?

Here is (just about) everything you should know about wallpaper removal when you want to make a good go at getting the wallpaper off of your wall.

1. Some Wallpaper Easily Comes Off

The first thing that you should know about removing wallpaper is that this whole process may be significantly more easy than you realize, that is to say if the wallpaper happens to be of the kind that is meant to be removed.

You can test out your wallpaper if it’s the type that is meant to be put on temporarily and then removed by reaching up to a corner and trying to remove it.

If it starts to come off easily, this is a good sign that it may be of that type of wallpaper and you will likely find yourself having an easy time removing this wallpaper.

2. Protect The Floor

During the process of removing your wallpaper, you will find that quite a mess will be made and you aren’t going to want this kind of mess to just end up on your floor without protecting it first.

In addition to having a trash can or two in the room in which you are going to be putting the wallpaper that is being removed from the wall (it’s nice to think of the environment but what you are removing is likely going to be in tattered ruins and useless unless you’re extremely creative) you should have a heavy drop cloth on the floor to protect from stains.

Doing this will ensure that your cleanup process after you’ve finished removing the wallpaper will be minimal.

3. Score The Wallpaper

Since you will be applying some heat and steam to the wallpaper in an effort to loosen the glue that keeps it attached to the wall, it’s a good idea to score the wallpaper that you’re removing.

Doing this will allow ample space for the steam to get under the wallpaper and then to be able to get in contact with the glue that we have mentioned is what is keeping the wallpaper attached to the wall.

Bear in mind that you will need to make score marks all over the wallpaper (though not covering the wallpaper in its entirety because that would be counterproductive) as this will help you get more of the wallpaper off.

4. Use A Scraper Or Putty Knife

One of the best tools that you’re going to have at your disposal for removing wallpaper from your walls is going to be a scraper or a putty knife.

Making good use of these tools is going to help you to best get the wallpaper off of the walls and if you make good use of them will cause no damage to the walls themselves.

They are good tools for getting the loose glue and prying the wallpaper in an efficient manner so that you can get the work done and allow time to then prepare the walls for painting.

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