Exterior Painting Weather Advice in Unionville, PA

July 6, 2022
2022-07-06 Left Moon Painting Unionville PA Exterior Painting Weather Advice

Exterior Painting Weather Advice in Unionville, PA

In looking to paint the exterior of your home, one important factor that’s going to come into play is the weather — and how the weather can easily change if you’re going to have painting your home on your agenda or not.

If you are considering an exterior paint job, it’s worth looking at a few essential tips for getting the painting work done so that you will have a well painted home exterior when you have finished.

Let’s have a look at some exterior painting weather advice that you can use when planning your painting project.

1. Look Out For Rain

It should be fairly clear given that you would never knowingly attempt to paint a wall on the inside of your home if it were wet or even a bit moist (that is to say not dry) and as such, you would want to avoid painting if you happened to see that it was raining on any given day during your painting project.

However, it’s also well advised that you should look at the weather forecast and based on that determine when you should best paint your home exterior — if you see rain in the forecast, it’s certainly not going to be a good time to start painting.

2. Humidity May Not Help

In terms of the exterior humidity, you may think that you aren’t going to have too many problems if the humidity just doesn’t get too low — you aren’t going to want your exterior walls to dry too quickly, after all.

However, you should be aware of the fact that if you have a bit too much humidity in the air, you’re going to have issues with the paint drying – too much humidity will get you problems like the paint not properly adhering to the exterior or perhaps even have it get streaks along the surface, which is quite unpleasant as far as looks go.

Ideally, you’re going to want to see the humidity reach no higher than 50%, and preferably not go any lower than 40%.

3. Temperature Matters A Lot

Another important factor as far as painting your home exterior goes is to ensure that you aren’t going to be painting when it’s either too cold outside or too hot.

The problem with painting once the temperature goes below around forty or fifty fahrenheit (depending on what kind of paint you are using) is that you will find that the paint that you apply to your exterior will not properly adhere and will crack rather easily over time.

When the temperature is too hot, on the other hand, you will see that the paint that you apply will dry far too quickly, leading to issues like clumps of paint that gather on your home exterior.

To get a proper paint job done, you should really aim for temperatures ranging from around fifty to eighty-five and still bear in mind that you don’t want to paint outside of the prescribed humidity zone.

4. When Is The Best Time Of Year To Paint

Lastly, when you put all of this together and try to think of when the best time to paint during the year, you will find that you almost certainly should not think about painting during the winter — there will be too great of a chance of the temperatures being low and you might even see snow.

A better time for you to paint your home would be during the spring, as you will find that the weather is not going to get too hot then and you will more likely get to the right range of humidity in the air.

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