Family Room Accent Wall Mistakes To Avoid In Pocopson, PA

June 11, 2023
2023-06-11 Left Moon Painting Pocopson PA Family Room Accent Wall Mistakes

Family Room Accent Wall Mistakes To Avoid In Pocopson, PA

When you’re getting your family room to look nicer, and you think about painting and yet you don’t want to change up the look all too much, an accent wall may be just the way to go.

However, you will note that one important thing that comes up in the department of painting your family room accent wall, and that is that if you make certain mistakes it will really throw off the project, causing it to cost you more money or possibly even take longer to do.

Learning about these mistakes can help you to prevent them — and so let’s have a look at some mistakes that you should avoid when you want a better looking family room accent wall.

1. Using A Dull Color

One of the big mistakes that people will make when they’re painting their family room accent wall is to use a color that doesn’t really pop at all or stand out in any way.

The entire point of having an accent wall is that you’re going to have a wall in the room that it is trying to be the wall that draws the eye, that the other walls are not going to be nearly as interesting as this one wall.

By making use of a color that is rather dull or even too similar to the other walls in the room, you’re not even making an accent wall at all but rather just another wall in the room — pick a nice contrasting color that will stand out and you will find that you have a better looking accent wall.

2. Not Cleaning

When you’re going to be painting your accent wall, you have to remember that you can’t just paint the wall as it is and skip the part of the painting process that is related to cleaning.

If you were to do that, you would find that you have an accent wall that is dirty and covered with paint — and the dirt that you had not cleaned would be very evident and visible, and not in a pleasant way at all.

The better thing to do is to fully clean your accent wall before you start the painting process and then allow time to pass so that the wall is dry — something so important that it’s going to get its own point below.

It’s also useful to do some cleaning of the wall after you have sanded the surface being painted — for the sanding dust that comes about will need to be removed before moving on.

3. Moving On Before You Let The Wall Dry

At many steps in the painting process, you will find that you have gotten your accent wall to be moist or wet in some way whether that is because of your cleaning or the paint or primer that you have applied.

When you find that this is the case, you need to take a break and allow the surface you are painting to fully dry — for some of the worst painting problems happen as a direct result of people not waiting for surfaces to dry before moving on.

Indeed, these are the sorts of issues that cause entire painting projects to need to be redone due to how badly they cause the wall surface to ultimately end up being — and it takes a lot more time to scrap a painting project, remove all of the applied paint and primer, and start all over again than it does to wait for surfaces to just dry correctly in the first place.

When you are planning your painting project, make sure you alot plenty of time for surfaces to dry.

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