Garage Cabinet Painting Tips To Know In Kennett Square, PA

February 1, 2023
2023-02-01 Left Moon Painting Kennett Square PA Garage Cabinet Painting Tips

Garage Cabinet Painting Tips To Know In Kennett Square, PA

In the process of updating the look of your home, you very well may not ever think about painting the cabinets in your garage — after all, who is going to see your garage cabinets, and what business is it of theirs how your cabinets look in such a remote location as the garage?

However, there are some that would like to keep their garage from looking like it has seen better days and one good way to make sure that it looks as good as possible is to keep up the look of the cabinets — and painting your cabinets on occasion is one way that you can do this.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some garage painting tips to know for having better looking cabinets.

1. Paint During The Right Time Of The Year

Unlike painting other parts of your home, there’s one thing that will almost always happen when you paint your garage or something in your garage and that’s that you will need to have the window open in order to properly ventilate it.

It is not at all like other rooms where you might be able to get away with having a couple of doors open and a window and get the cross breeze through the room — the garage door being open will really expose the space to the outside weather — whether that is warm, cold, or in between.

You therefore will want to paint when the weather is just nice enough that cold air won’t slow down the drying process and hot air won’t make the paint dry too quickly — both of these things are bad for painting.

2. Remove the Hardware

A somewhat significant obstacle to painting your garage cabinets comes in the form of the hardware that is usually on cabinets — the pulls with which you are able to open and close the cabinets and drawers, that is.

There are some who will go to the trouble of covering up their hardware with painter’s tape and then slowly use a paintbrush to paint around the hardware, all the while saying that they are saving time by not removing the hardware.

In most cases, all of the efforts you put in to protect the hardware will take a lot more time than simply making the time to remove the hardware and then putting it back on — and as a bonus, you get to decide if perhaps you want different hardware instead of the one that you have for your cabinets!

3. Primer Before Paint

Though you may want to skip primer and go straight to applying paint to your cabinets, the truth is that you can do a lot of good for your cabinets if you first apply a coat of primer and then apply your coats of paint.

One good benefit of a coat of primer before your first coat of paint is the way that it will help you to more easily apply the paint afterward — as it is going to make for a more smooth surface.

The second and in some opinions more important benefit is the way that primer will help the paint to stay on the surfaces being painted longer — and so when you have finished painting your garage cabinets you will know that it will be longer before you need to paint them again, all thanks to the fact that you made use of primer which has more adhesive quality than just trying to paint directly on the cabinets without it.

It will take you extra time to apply the primer but the time invested upfront will save you time, ultimately.

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