Garage Painting Mistakes You Should Not Make in Pocopson, PA

July 11, 2022
2022-07-11 Left Moon Painting Pocopson PA Garage Painting Mistakes

Garage Painting Mistakes You Should Not Make in Pocopson, PA

In painting any room in your home, you should be careful to look out for the kind of mistakes that could cause you issues later on and even problems during the painting process.

Your garage might not seem like such a big deal as far as painting goes, but if you make some basic painting mistakes you will find that you could still have some issues as a result — the kind that could be easily avoided if you are careful to avoid them.

Let’s have a look at some basic garage painting mistakes you should not make if you want a better painted garage

1. Painting During The Winter

There are other interior rooms of your home that are perfectly okay to paint just about any time of the year, but the garage should not be one of them.

The reason that this is the case, particularly in a place like Pocopson, is that you will find that without fail the best way to ventilate while you are painting is to open the garage door — and during the winter you will have such a cold garage that it will seriously interfere with how quickly the paint dries.

Additionally, it will be fairly unpleasant for you as far as painting experiences go – a cold room for painting is not an environment in which you would like to be.

2. Limiting Your Color Selection

You could think of your garage in terms of what colors you are going to be able to use — and for some reason, a lot of people believe that the color selection for your garage is limited.

This is not the case, however — you have a lot of colors available to you, and it’s really just your own imagination that is the limiting factor in what color or colors you will be using. 

Of course, it’s helpful to look around the garage and see what furniture you have (shelving, perhaps) and how the color or colors you choose for the walls will coordinate or contrast with those other colors.

3. Not Using Primer

It’s entirely possible that since you are going to be painting your garage, you aren’t going to need to make use of a primer before you apply the first coat of paint.

Avoiding the use of primer can be quite bad for your painting project in that, first of all, you will have a less easy time applying the paint to your walls.

Moreover,, when you use primer you will see that the paint will stay on the surface that you are painting and so it will be a lot longer until the next time that you will need to paint.

Do yourself a favor and make sure that you apply primer before you paint to have a more successful painting project.

4. Not Letting Surfaces Dry

Lastly, remember that you have to allow time to pass in order to allow surfaces to dry before you move on to the next step in the painting process — and there are a few points in your painting project when this will be relevant.

After you first clean your cabinets, for example, they will invariably get moist owing to the cleaning process that you most always will use — and you will need to allow your surfaces to dry once more after you have sanded the surfaces being painted and then clean the sanding dust off of the walls.

It really should go without saying that after you apply a coat of primer as well as your paint coats you should allow time to pass for said coats to dry.

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