Home Office Cabinet Painting Tips In Kennett Square, PA

April 16, 2024
2024-04-16 Left Moon Painting Home Office Cabinet Painting Tips In Kennett Square, PA

Home Office Cabinet Painting Tips In Kennett Square, PA

In your home office, there’s a good chance that you may have some cabinets — with or without doors and drawers — and this is for storage and organization of things that you have within your office.

However, as much as we may like our home office cabinets the way that they are, they can be made to look even nicer with a good paint job — and though it can be tricky to paint home office cabinets, it’s well worth doing right.

Let’s look at some home office cabinet painting tips that will get your home office to look its best.

1. Use An Inspiring Appropriate Color

One thing that you’re going to want to do when you’re looking to paint your home office cabinets is to make sure that the color that you use is appropriate and perhaps even inspiring.

After all, you’re going to be spending a good amount of time working in your home office, so you don’t want to have a color on your cabinets that is going to drag you down every time you look at them.

Of course, what is inspiring to some may be downright dreary to others, so it’s good to bear in mind that it’s perhaps appropriate to test out a number of colors before committing to one.

This is just a matter of getting color samples in paint form (not just the strips of printed paper that have the color) so that you can apply the paint to your cabinets and see how they will look in a number of different lighting conditions.

2. Remove Hardware

Tempting as it may be to paint around your cabinet hardware, you’re ultimately setting yourself up for a harder experience painting the cabinets when you do this.

Indeed, for trying to paint around your hardware is just an incredibly time consuming process that will almost invariably get paint on the hardware itself and make painting around said hardware take quite a long time.

Applying painter’s tape to the hardware is something that could work, but then you have to wrap every pull on your cabinet and drawer with painter’s tape, and by the time you’ve finished wrapping each piece you easily could have just removed the hardware — not to mention the time you then have to spend removing each piece of tape.

Removing the hardware prior to painting also gives you a good opportunity to consider changing out the hardware — plenty of places to get different hardware for cabinets, and perhaps one new set of hardware will be all it will take to better the look of your cabinets!

3. Clean After Sanding

Though it’s quite well known in the world of interior painting that getting a smooth surface before painting is optimal, and that sanding is a good way to get there, the understanding that sanding comes with a price of needing to clean afterward is often not understood.

When you think about it, it makes sense — the application of sandpaper to a surface and making use of it gets the surface smoother by partially removing some of that surface — and that which is removed doesn’t just vanish into air like magic, it ends up in the area near your cabinets while you are sanding — and some of it even ends up on the cabinets to some extent.

Without removing this sanding dust, you are going to almost certainly find yourself with a messy painting process and cabinets that look exactly like painted cabinets that have particles clinging to the painted surface that came right off of that very same surface.

A good vacuuming is certainly a start and then making use of a moist microfiber cloth or tack cloth to remove the dust from the cabinets that are going to be painted.

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