Interior Décor and Painting Kennett Square, PA: Baby Room Décor Inspirations

July 9, 2020
Interior Décor and Painting Kennett Square, PA_ Baby Room Décor Inspirations

Interior Décor and Painting Kennett Square, PA: Baby Room Décor Inspirations

Long before seeing the exciting + of the pregnancy test, you probably already had some idea of the style that you want the baby nursery to adopt.
Whether it’s for a girl or a boy, there are several ways to make a decor worthy of a Pinterest photo.

To support you in this beautiful project, here is a list of ideas and colors that will add a little something remarkable to your baby room’s décor in Kennett Square, PA.

The Color

The days of pink and blue rooms are over. Increasingly, baby rooms are being painted using neutral hues.
Whether it is for a boy or a girl, some variants will allow you to personalize it in addition to making it feel either feminine or masculine.

Wooden Wall

Wood warms decor. Many finishes are available, all for you to create the desired effect.
Available as aged, stained (dark or pale) or natural, the wood will add a rustic touch. The wooden wall can be installed on a complete wall or simply used to create a column.
For example, put the accent behind a piece of furniture that you would like to highlight and add some accessories to complete the theme.
The rest of the room can remain more neutral to maximize the effect of the wood. If you like wood, you could even supplement it with a wooden crib.


Gone are the days when the night lights were simple light bulbs plugged into the wall. There are now unique ways to light the baby’s rooms gently.
For example, several florescent animal models are available.
Arrange them according to the chosen theme.
Another option is to use objects in which you can drill holes yourself (or an object already drilled) as a lampshade to create a beautiful light effect.
You can also opt for a chain of lights suspended from a framing, a shelf, or simply attached to the wall.

Storage Unit

Books, you will receive tons of them.
Why not include them in your decoration by placing them in a large library? Some models can even be used to store other toys and stuffed animals.
Multipurpose furniture can come in handy when you’re a parent.

Canvas, Photo, Frame

Still, looking for a theme or a central accessory for the nursery?
Think of posters, photos, or original creations with a specific theme or image.
Your choice will help you define the rest of the room.
Unleash your creativity by creating a unique concept yourself with recycled materials.
If you are not ready to choose, you can also paint shapes on the walls.

Storage Bag

The more accessible and available the storage, the better the chances of having a tidy room.
Baskets are easy to use options. You can easily hide the objects lying around in the baby’s room.
Integrating retro chests is also a good option to get even more space and hide what you don’t want to see.

Wall Decoration

Several stores offer delicate models specially designed to match the soft decor desirable in a newborn’s bedroom.
Are you more classic in style? Stylized pennants are still trendy and add a personalized touch to the decor.
It is even possible to find certain collections that will match your theme.

Finally, regardless of the items chosen, remember that it is possible to use recycled material or to re-purpose certain materials to build a dream room for your baby.

Need Some Help with that?

If you don’t have the painting and design skills and experience required to repaint and decorate your baby’s room, consider hiring a professional painting contractor in West Chester, PA, like Left Moon Painting.

We have years of experience offering residential repainting services in Kennett Square, PA, and West Chester PA.

If you would like to try us, request a FREE estimate below to get started or call us at (484) 757-5295 for more information.

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