Interior Décor & Painting West Chester, PA: How to Add a Few Shades of Grey.

January 5, 2021
Interior Décor & Painting West Chester, PA_ How to Add a Few Shades of Grey.

Interior Décor & Painting West Chester, PA: How to Add a Few Shades of Grey.

Grey is both deep and distinguished and is often less harsh than black. Many people are afraid to integrate gray into their decor, thinking that this color will darken the room.
However, it is a deep color that looks good and brings sophistication. Objects, paint, furniture… everything is possible to integrate shades of gray into your decor.

So here are some ideas for incorporating shades of gray into your décor in West Chester, PA.

Gray Furniture

While the trend is often for white or colored furniture, gray furniture looks great. With deep shades of gray, the furniture takes on a whole new look.

Kitchen furniture: gray kitchen furniture will add a feel of modernity. Indeed, this color with many shades of gray offers many possibilities.

A dark-gray will be ultra-modern, while a light gray will also add a rustic touch.

Living room furniture: do you want to change the atmosphere in your living room? In this case, repaint your furniture in gray.

If you recovered your grandmother’s Norman wardrobe, repainting it gray will modernize it.

Light gray will also adapt perfectly to a Scandinavian-style interior. The light shades of gray will be perfect to recreate this kind of atmosphere.

Bathroom furniture: bathroom furniture accepts dark shades of gray quite well. Do not forget in this case, to choose with more vivid colors or to bring brightness with spots.

Where To Apply Gray?

Kitchen, bedroom, living room, office… do you know where to put a few touches of gray? With its deep shades of gray, you may hesitate to put gray in its interior.

And yet, it’s a deep color that will beautifully highlight your room. Then it’s all about shades of gray and room.

In the kitchen: although it’s a small room, gray fits perfectly in the kitchen. It brings a touch of modernity and dynamism.

An anthracite gray will be perfect to create a modern or industrial atmosphere.

On the other hand, in a country house kitchen or with wooden furniture, we prefer light gray.

In a hallway: do you want to add depth to a hallway? In this case, create a base with gray. To highlight, create vertical bands on which you will attach photos.

Gray For A Table Decoration

Do you want to make a sophisticated table decoration for an event or to receive friends?

In this case, draw in shades of gray to harmonize your table.

A gray tablecloth or a gray centerpiece: if you want gray to dominate, then put it at the bottom of the table.

A tablecloth or a table runner will set the tone.

For the towels, choose the colors according to the dominant shade of gray.

For grays tending towards light gray or natural aluminum gray, choose soft or pastel colors. With darker shades of gray, opt for fuchsia, electric blue, or orange.

Decorative objects: integrating gray into your table decoration through accessories is possible.

Thus, your table will take on a sophisticated look. Therefore, opt for candlesticks, presentation plates, cutlery, vases, or floral arrangements made from gray.

Need Some Help With That?

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