Interior Painting: 5 trendy decoration ideas for Your Baby room in Square, PA.

November 16, 2020
Interior Painting_ 5 trendy decoration ideas for Your Baby room (1)

Interior Painting: 5 trendy decoration ideas for Your Baby room in Square, PA.

Pink for girls, blue for boys, simple enough, right? In an era that emphasizes equality between the sexes, it is necessary to look for other inspiration sources to decorate the nursery.

In this article, we share 5 trendy decoration ideas for beautifying your baby’s room.
Let’s get started, shall we?


Vintage is a real state of mind. Are the 50s and 60s important to you because they correspond to a time that inspires you?
Beyond a little fuzzy nostalgia, vintage is a strong decorative reference giving pride to objects that marked the birth of modernity.

Material side, for a child’s room, exits the metallic and cold materials. You will more readily choose furniture and objects in rattan, wicker, or velvet, soft materials adapted to a child’s universe.
For the walls, pastel and white hues, soft greens, or faded pinks will create a calm atmosphere, suitable for a boy and a girl.


Wood is a noble material, a vehicle of warmth and naturalness. The variety of species and the many ways of working with wood make it an undeniable decorative asset. It can help build a rustic as well as a modern atmosphere.
When combined with other materials such as wool and cotton, it is a real cocoon of tenderness that will welcome the baby.

XXL wallpaper

XXL wallpaper or panoramic wallpaper offers the possibility of a decoration populated by characters who will accompany the baby during his/her first years.
The designers compete in creativity to offer large-format illustrations straight out of children’s books, conducive to reverie and poetry.
You will also find the characters in the cartoons that you prefer.
While there are environmentally friendly solvent-free glues, XXL wallpapers can also be stuck on the wall.

The stickers

The stickers also offer something to compose a tailor-made atmosphere at a lower cost than XXL wallpaper.
Whether the patterns are colorful, black, or white, they will appear on the wall according to your desires and inspiration.
The stickers can be deployed as a complete decor over an entire section of the wall or scattered over the 4 walls to break up uniform walls’ monotony.

The Relaxed School Decor

The school theme is a mine of ideas for decorating a baby’s room: slate to write tender words, even if the baby cannot read yet, letters from the alphabet to bring a very graphic and modern touch, colored pencils investing the surface of the walls for an original and cheerful touch, in the rainbow…

General tips for a nursery

A rule of thumb is not to overload the decor of your baby’s room. Let space breathe.

When looking for inspiration, take into account the dangers that every object brought into a baby’s room can represent.
Even if they are not about to walk, care must be taken to place out of reach any object that is not suitable for very early childhood.

For the choice of paints, three criteria must be taken into account: water-washable paint, with low VOC emissions, and healthy to the environment.

Choose The Paint and Finish

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