Interior Painting and Décor Kennett Square, PA: 10 Decor Tips for Pet Owners

June 23, 2020
Interior Painting and Décor Kennett Square, PA_ 10 Decor Tips for Pet Owners

Interior Painting and Décor Kennett Square, PA: 10 Decor Tips for Pet Owners

There are tens of millions of dogs and cats across the US and perhaps a few thousands in Pennsylvania.
These furry balls are an integral part of our families. Do you have animals at home, or do you plan to adopt them soon?
Here are our top interior painting and design tips for adapting your home to their needs.

Buy The Right Paint
Even if your pet goes regularly to the groomer, it can leave marks on the walls, moldings, and doors, either when it comes in from the outside or when it shakes after drinking water. The choice of paint is therefore essential.

Matt finish paint should be avoided as it is impossible to clean. If you try to clean a stain on your wall, it will leave a mark.
Gloss paint is easy to clean, but its shine will bring out flaws on your walls. It is not a good option if you have an old house.
Pearl or semi-gloss paint is the best choice, whatever your situation. This type of paint offers good durability while being easily washable.

Plan to Purchase Paint Specifically for Doors and Moldings
If you have a large dog at home, consider purchasing paint specifically for doors and moldings.
Dogs tend to run around the house, scratching or whatever, which can leave marks on your moldings.
This type of paint provides exceptional adhesion and maximum durability since it is easily washable.

Avoid The Fluffy Rugs
The carpet absorbs odors, traps animal hair, and absorbs the inevitable stains caused by your nice companion.
Yes, you can use decorative rugs. The trick is to buy inexpensive products. If your dog is bored and he eats part of your carpet, or your cat decides to claws on it, you will be less disappointed.
Also, choose less fluffy carpets and rugs to minimize trapping of hair, odor, and even mites –and wash carpets regularly.

Choose stain-resistant fabrics
It is essential to choose a resistant fabric for your sofa. Textiles mixed with synthetic fibers such as polyester are more resistant to abrasion and the hairs adhere less.
Also, fabric sofas with a washable covering can be a good option.
Besides, you can change your decor without buying a new sofa.
Leather and imitation leather are also good choices, they are easy to clean and durable.

Store and Decorate Strategically

Think of your vases, small trinkets, or other brittle objects. Place these in safe places, away from your acrobatic cats or you’re not so delicate dog.
Glass storage is an excellent choice to enhance your decorative elements while protecting them.
Also, think of bins or storage cabinets for toys or shoes. As you may know, most dogs love chewing on these objects when they are bored.

Create a space near the door for your pet

If your dog or cat goes outside, install a carpet to wipe its paws when it comes in. Especially in winter or even in autumn when the ground is muddy.
You can also create a space for him with a basket to put his toys and hooks to hang his leash and harness.
In short, plan space for your animal in your entrance hall. If you have a mudroom, a dog shower can also be very useful.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a pet lover, you definitely want the best environment for your companion. Adapting your interior painting and décor effort to accommodate your pet is a good starting point.

If you need some help choosing a safe, durable, and resistant paint, and repainting your home interior, consider hiring a professional painting contractor in Kennett Square, PA, like Left Moon Painting.

We have years of experience offering residential repainting services in Kennett Square, PA, and West Chester PA.

If you would like to try us, request a FREE estimate below to get started or call us at (484) 757-5295 for more information.

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