Interior Painting Chester, PA: Living Room Paint Color Inspirations

May 23, 2020
Interior Painting Chester, PA_ Living Room Paint Color Inspirations

Interior Painting Chester, PA: Living Room Paint Color Inspirations

For most people, the living room is where we like to receive relatives and friends from having a good time together. Set the tone for this space to be shared by choosing a color that perfectly matches the atmosphere you want to reign there.

The main living room of the house bears the signature of your personality.
Simple and laid back? Modern and refined? Are you attached to traditions?
Whatever your style, the ideal paint color is the one that will most accurately reflect it.

If you’re planning for an interior painting project, this article will help choose the perfect paint color combination that will suit your personality as well as blend in with other surrounding colors;

Go Neutral

Neutral colors are often used when fitting out living space. Typically, the living room or family room opens into other rooms in the house; a magnificent neutral will allow you to dare more striking colors in the adjacent rooms.

When it comes to neutral tones, the best choice is a question of style: the warm shades will usually be inviting and cozy, while the cool shades give a chic and modern look.
The choice of white doesn’t indicate a lack of imagination, either.
White is available in many shades that will highlight your works of art and your furniture.

Color as A Centerpiece

If most of the elements of your living room are neutral (for example, carpet, flooring, and fabrics), the color of the walls can take on a whole new dimension and constitute a decorative element in its own right.
But such a choice cannot be made lightly. Go to an independent paint dealer or color consultant retailer and get a sample of the color you are interested in.
Test it to see how the color changes over the day, depending on the light.

Raise Your Tone

Do you want to create a striking effect with a bold color without it suffocating the space?
Paint a single wall that will serve as an accent. Choose a wall in your living room that naturally catches the eye, for example, the wall with a fireplace.
Choose a color that matches all of the space: fabrics, rugs, and accessories.
You can paint the other walls a lighter shade, or choose a shade that harmonizes with the accent color.

Light Everything Up

The light conditions in your living room have a definite impact on the paint color.
In a room flooded with light, you can afford saturated colors, while pastels tend to look washed out.

To make it easier to choose an appropriate color, consider the room color temperature. A cold shade can counterbalance a very bright light, while a room facing north will appear cozier if its walls are painted in a warm color.
Choose paint in a matte finish to reduce the reflection of light in a naturally bright room, or to soften the atmosphere of a living room that is rather dark.

Need Some Help with that?

If you don’t have the painting and design skills and experience required to paint your interior, consider hiring a professional painting contractor in West Chester, PA, like Left Moon Painting.

We have years of experience offering residential repainting services in Kennett Square, PA, and West Chester PA.

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