Interior Painting Color Schemes in West Chester PA: Our Basic Guide

July 16, 2020
Interior Painting Color Schemes in West Chester PA_ Our Basic Guide

Interior Painting Color Schemes in West Chester PA: Our Basic Guide

Whether in one room or for your entire home, color schemes are important to create uniform and harmonious decors.
The color wheel is the tool of choice for understanding the basic layouts that will allow you to choose your colors properly.

The Starting Point

The inspiration for your decor should come from an accessory you love, a work of art, or a piece of your furniture.
Browse the different websites for ideas.
Create an image bank that will allow you to discover the themes you prefer and choose your general palette: hot or cold.
If you’re afraid of going for bright colors, you can opt for neutral tones for the walls, but be bolder in accessories like curtains and cushions.
They will be much cheaper to change if you get tired of the chosen color than if you invest in colored cabinets, for example.

To help you choose the right color theme, here are our basic but effective tips and guidelines on how to get it right in West Chester PA:

The Monochrome Layout

This is an arrangement that includes a single color that is available in different shades.
You can use the color swatches you find in paint stores to make your choice.
These present the gradations for the same color, going from the lightest to the darkest, which will facilitate your task if you opt for a monochrome decor.

This type of arrangement is simple and has a soothing and unifying effect that can be used to create a harmonious space conducive for relaxation.
Consider using this theme in bedrooms, hallways, or bathrooms.
The tone-on-tone arrangement will help you make your bathroom appear much larger. And if you want to make a monochrome arrangement in your room, first find out what is the best color for a room according to your personality.

The Complementary Layout

This type of arrangement is created by two opposite colors on the color wheel.
It creates contrasting and dynamic decorations and allows you to play with colors.
Choose it for an entrance hall to add a little color or in a child’s room to create a room according to their personality.

The Triadic Arrangement

The triadic arrangement consists of three colors forming a triangle on the color wheel. By using three colors at different scales, we obtain bold and dynamic decorations. Choose bright colors for playrooms and family rooms that encourage movement, or softer colors for more subdued atmospheres.

The Analogous Arrangement

It is an arrangement made up of several colors that follow one another on the color wheel.
These colors flow naturally into each other and produce harmonious decorations.
You can use this arrangement to create links between the various adjoining rooms.
We can use bright colors or neutral colors such as gray or beige, for example.

Accent Colors

You can create this theme by adding an accent color to an existing color scheme.
The color you choose can also be found in different rooms, on accessories, on a wall, or it can be applied in “color zoning.”
This way, it can also be used to create an effect of continuity from one room to another.

Neutral Colors

Use neutral colors to link several contrasting colors. Neutral colors, depending on the shades you use, will soften a bright color.
An example: we like gray arranged in yellow, because it fades its strength, but retains its liveliness.

The Bottom Line

If you need help in choosing paints, paint colors, and repainting your home, our team at Left Moon Painting can help.

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