Interior Painting Kennett Square, PA: How to Design the Ideal Baby Room

June 16, 2020
Interior Painting_ How to Design the Ideal Baby Room

Interior Painting Kennett Square, PA: How to Design the Ideal Baby Room

With the right preparation, creating a child’s bedroom for your little one can be a fun and engaging experience. This room must be safe and comfortable to make it a sleeping and playing haven for your little one.

If you’re expecting a little one or want to improve the existing kid’s room, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Define The Layout of the Child’s Room

Opt for an arrangement that makes good use of the entire space. Start by establishing a focal point for the room.
This could be the crib, a large window, or a prominent wall. Arrange the other key areas of the room around this point.
For example, if the centerpiece is the crib or sleeping space, the changing table should be placed nearby. The dining area can be found on the other side of the room.

Make sure the crib is in a part of the baby’s room that is not in front of or near a window or opt for colorful window coverings such as curtains or blinds that can be closed when the baby is sleeping.
This will keep the space cool and away from sunlight which could interfere with sleep.

Choosing Color

The choice of color is a key element in the design of a children’s room.
Go for blue, pink, or yellow if you prefer the traditional options.
However, you can consider using neutral and soft colors to create a soothing ambiance. Painting the walls in an identical or complementary color to that of the furniture and bedding provides consistency in the design of the nursery.

The ceiling also deserves a coat of paint. The baby spends most of its time on the back, so choose a soothing color for the ceiling.

A wallpaper or neutral color is also a good option for the walls. Making the right choice will also add relief and texture to the room.

Select Window Dressing

It is best to be able to regulate the light and wind passing through the bedroom window. Bright light can interrupt the baby’s nap.
Therefore, a child’s bedroom should have blackout curtains or blinds to make it comfortable during naps.
Make sure that the chosen cover does not have threads in which the baby could become entangled.

Window dressing also keeps the room cool on hot days. Consider placing sheers or screens under the curtains.
These filters allow light airflow during the day when you do not want to darken the room.
The window covering also helps to decorate the room. Choose them in the same or complementary colors as the bedding.
A multicolored or patterned option gives a sparkle to the room if that how you want to do it.

Choose a comfortable floor covering

Anticipate when your baby will start to crawl to make it easier for you to choose the nursery floor covering.
Wood, vinyl, and laminate are good options. However, these are hard surfaces, and covering them with rugs is a good idea.

Choose natural materials when selecting floor coverings and rugs. Synthetic flooring often contains and releases VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other toxic chemicals.
Make sure the one your choice is VOC-free or made from a low-VOC product.

The carpet-covered surface helps protect toddlers from scratches, bumps, and bruises. However, carpets are difficult to clean and may contain dirt, mites, and mold.
If you prefer a carpet, investing in a high-quality vacuum cleaner will help greatly.
Avoid carpets in the nursery if allergies are part of your family’s medical history.

Need Some Help with that?

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