Interior Painting Kennett Square, PA: Milk Paint Vs Chalk Paint

January 2, 2020
Interior Painting Kennett Square, PA_ Milk Paint Vs Chalk Paint

Interior Painting Kennett Square, PA: Milk Paint Vs Chalk Paint

If you’re planning for some interior painting project in Kennett Square, PA, you might wonder if milk and chalk paint is worth a shot.
Is there even a real difference between the two?

Well, for starters, milk paint and chalk paint are decorative finishes that may seem so similar and you may never tell the difference unless you have some technical knowledge.

Both finishes are often used to paint dressers, chairs, doors, tables, and just about anything that can be painted.

The two finishes have a matte appearance and are appreciated as much for their texture as for their appearance.
Unlike oil-based paint, milk paint and chalk paint have little odor and dry quickly. They are also easy to mix and thin.

Milk paint and chalk paint are water-based and contain a tiny amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
With all these similarities, are there any differences between milk paints and chalk paints that govern their individual uses?
Or milk paints and chalk paints are basically interchangeable?

The Difference between Milk Paint and Chalk Paint

Milk is the main difference between milk paint and chalk paint.
The two paints are mineral-based, calcium carbonate being the main mineral.
Some pigments such as pigmentation, iron oxide, and other minerals and water, make up the rest of the paint.
But milk paint differs because it contains this organic ingredient: milk proteins.

Milk paint comes in the form of dry powder with separate dry pigments, all of which must be thoroughly mixed with water.
The chalk paint is usually shipped complete and fully mixed. Before the application, the paint must be stirred to redistribute the pigments.

Milk paint and chalk paint do not have the pronounced chemical odor found in latex paint and especially in oil paint.
However, chalk paint does not smell after application. Milk paint, because of its caseins, has a slight smell of freshly cut grass that lasts for about an hour after application.

Milk Paint

Paints have long been based on food products such as eggs and olive oil, so it makes sense to use milk protein as a natural binder for paint.

Milk paint is often used for large furniture and even for large areas such as walls and ceilings.


• Milk paint allows you to create your own unique color by mixing dry pigments in the liquid base paint.
• If you want very low gloss, the matte finish of milk paint tends to have slightly more natural shine than the matte finish of chalk paint.
• Milk paint is naturally non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

The Downsides

• Since the consistency of milk paint is sometimes lumpy, it should usually be mixed with a power mixer rather than stirred by hand if you want a uniform finish.
• Because of the organic ingredients, most milk-based paints cannot be stored for long after opening.

Chalk Paint

Chalk paint has become a favorite decorative finish, mainly because of the influence of one person: Annie Sloan.
In 1990 Sloan developed the only product that can legitimately be called chalk paint. However, other paint companies such as Behr, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin William make chalk-type paints with similar properties.

The Advantages

• Chalk paint can sometimes require little preparation in the form of sanding or cleaning.
• The chalk paint dries to a very matte chalky texture, although the addition of beeswax gives it a velvety and lustrous appearance.
• Most chalk paints will be dry to the touch in an hour or less.
The downsides

• The higher composition of the chalk paint can be a problem if you want to see and feel the underlying texture.
• Although chalk paint is offered in attractive colors, it is usually not possible to order custom colors.

The Bottom Line

Now you have some idea of what milk and chalk paints are and their differences.
Also, these two are healthy and environmentally friendly choices if you’re looking for such options.

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