Interior Painting, West Chester PA: 5 Tips to Visually Enlarge a Small Room

March 2, 2020
Interior Painting, West Chester PA_ 5 Tips to Know To Visually Enlarge a Small Room

Interior Painting, West Chester PA: 5 Tips to Visually Enlarge a Small Room

Does one of your rooms feel cramped?
It’s very easy to change the look and especially the perception of your little interior in West Chester using these decorator tips.
Have a look;

Neutral Tones, Discreet But Effective

The neutral tones (beige, taupe, gray, etc.) are made for small rooms.
They’re bright, discreet and often a little cold, but they can “push” the walls away and create an illusion of extra space.
This quality makes them useful in small spaces to which they bring an almost immediate feeling of additional space.
Light shades can also be used in monochrome to create a light and soft effect, making your small space a little more airy.

The mirror effect

Ultra-simple but very effective –a large mirror (or several mirrors of different sizes on the same wall) brings a real feeling of space.
First of all, by reflecting the ambient light, the mirror acts as an interior window, a fictitious opening that tricks the eye into believing that the room extends beyond the wall.
Place your mirror near a light source – window or lamp – to make the most of it: a bright room will appear larger than a poorly lit room.

Use accents

Drawing attention to a piece the furniture or a wall makes you pay less attention to the rest of the otherwise small room.
A single wall painted in intense blue can add some interest in your small living room and turn things around.
Also, you can choose small pieces of furniture and accent them, turning the attention away from the walls.


Horizontal bands seem to push back the walls on each side of the room when painted on two or more walls.
Be careful, this kind of decor is not suitable for rooms with a low ceiling (below 2.40 meters in height), because it could produce the opposite effect.

Stretching the wall high is the power of vertical strips, whether blue, black, red or yellow. Also, wider stripes visually occupy more space, which would make you feel the opposite effect.

Consider Sliding Doors

Whether it’s the main door or closet openings, hinged doors require more space to install and operate them. To make up for a lack of space, simply replace them with sliding doors which do not waste space, and also allow better circulation.

Generally, Opt For Light Colors

It’s no secret that light colors give the impression of more airy space in smaller rooms. Indeed, these reflect light, unlike the darker colors which give the impression of a narrower, more intimate space.

The Scandinavian-style interiors are the perfect examples of clean, airy interiors.

Pro Tip: to give the illusion of a larger room, highlight the wider walls by painting the shorter wall with a darker color. Conversely, to increase the depth and reduce the width of a room, you can paint the longer walls in a darker color.

Need Some Help with that?

If you don’t have the painting and design skills and experience required to visually enlarge your small interior, consider hiring a professional painting contractor in West Chester, PA like Left Moon Painting.
We have years of experience offering residential repainting services in Kennett Square, PA, and West Chester PA.

If you would like to try us, request a FREE estimate below to get started or call us at (484) 757-5295 for more information.

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