Interior Painting West Chester PA: How to Paint Walls near A Ceiling

January 16, 2020
Interior Painting West Chester PA_ How to Paint Walls near A Ceiling

Interior Painting West Chester PA: How to Paint Walls near A Ceiling

If you’ve given your small interior painting project in West Chester PA a try, you’re likely to realize that painting the wall near the ceiling is challenging.

Keeping in mind that interior painting is a technical task that requires specialized skills, tools, and experience, more so if painting the ceiling is involved.

If you’re determined about to go the DIY route, here are some steps and tips on how to paint that tricky area of the wall near a ceiling.

Empty The Room.

Start by removing all items from the walls. Remove all items that can be moved, including decorations, furniture, switch covers, and wall sockets.
Paint may drip on them when painting high surfaces if not removed.

Protect The Floor.

Lay a sheet of painter’s canvas on the floor before you paint. This is especially critical if you will paint the ceiling as well.
You don’t want the paint ruining your carpet or floor.

Paint The Ceiling.

If you’re painting the ceiling and the walls start with the ceiling.
If you paint the walls first, you will probably have to repaint the part next to the ceiling due to paint splatters and drips.

Protect The Ceiling.

Wait for the paint on the ceiling to dry before moving to this step. Stick a painter’s tape on the part adjacent to the walls. Use strips of 30 to 60 cm long. If they are longer, it may be challenging to apply them correctly.
Stick strips of masking tape until there is enough to go around the ceiling where it meets the walls.

Start Painting the Wall

Dip a small beveled brush into the paint, covering only a strip of about 1 or 2 cm below the bristles.
If the paintbrush is too thick, the paint on its top edge may get to the ceiling when you paint the top edge of the walls.
A flat bevel brush allows you to paint the surface of the walls without accidentally painting beyond the masking tape.

Lay the brush flat on the wall in one of the upper corners of the room.
The edge of the brush should barely touch the masking tape

Slide the brush down about 2 inches from the top edge of the wall. It takes more time to paint with a brush than with a roller, but you will get more precision.
After painting a 5 cm strip around the top of the walls, you can paint the rest of the surface with a roller without getting too close to the ceiling.

Paint along the top edge of the walls with the paintbrush until you have circled the ceiling.
When you are finished, you should have a continuous strip 5 cm wide running along the top edge of each wall.

Next, finish painting the remaining parts of the wall as normal using a roller, but allow the paint to dry completely before removing the masking tape from the ceiling.

The Bottom Line

As earlier mentioned, painting the area near the ceiling is a challenging task that requires skill and some level of experience.

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We have years of experience offering residential repainting services in Kennett Square, PA, and West Chester PA.

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