Interior Painting West Chester, PA: Pro Tips for Ceiling Painting

May 9, 2020
Interior Painting West Chester, PA_ Pro Tips for Ceiling Painting

Interior Painting West Chester, PA: Pro Tips for Ceiling Painting

Planning for interior painting in West Chester, PA? Painting the ceiling is perhaps the trickiest part of any interior painting project.

The location of the ceiling makes painting is not just tiring but also messy if necessary prep steps are not put in place.

Have you considered painting your ceiling in color instead of the classical white?
A navy blue or deep black ceiling can blur the boundaries of a room to create a larger but intimate decor.
Applying a shade lighter than that of your walls or slightly different creates a depth effect without breaking the unity of existing combinations of colors.

For best results, always follow the manufacturer’s application guidelines.

Choosing the paint and tools required

To get started, you need a 6.4 cm angled paintbrush, painter’s tape, a 23 cm roller, a tub, an extension rod, a stepladder, and paint.

In addition to paint, choose a brush and a higher quality roller, making sure that the hairs of your roller match the texture of your ceiling.

When it comes to the best type of paint for this surface, consider a matte coating that applies evenly, hides most imperfections, and is expressly designed to minimize streak marks.

White is the usual choice, but you can paint your ceiling in almost any color.

Preparing the Room

Should you paint the ceiling or the walls first? The answer is simple: always paint the ceiling before the walls and cover all the surfaces below with protective sheets.

Try to empty the room to make it easier and remove the hanging fixtures. If it is not possible to remove them, use painter’s tape to protect them from splashes or use a brush to cut them out.

Paint Application

First, cover the edge of the ceiling adjacent to the walls, cutting in as you would a corner, starting with the line of the ceiling.
Spread the paint with a brush 5 to 7 cm from the side of the wall.
If you do not intend to paint the walls, use painter’s tape to protect the wall, or use the paintbrush to draw a straight line along the edge of the wall.

You are now ready to paint the rest of the ceiling with a roller.
Start at the corner of the ceiling closest to a window so that with the reflection of light on the fresh paint, you can see better where you are, then continue around the room and slowing down as you approach the wall so as not to hit it.

Dip the roller in the paint

Whenever you repaint by soaking your roller, apply it from an unpainted area to a freshly painted area.
Cover the ceiling all at once so that the paint dries evenly. Check the recommended drying times on the container and wait until the paint is completely dry before applying a second coat if necessary.

Your ceiling is now repainted and ready to integrate into your home decor.

Need Some Help with that?

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