Interior Painting West Chester, PA: Should You Finish The Walls Or Floors First?

February 16, 2020
Interior Painting West Chester, PA_ Should You Finish The Walls Or Floors First_

Interior Painting West Chester, PA: Should You Finish The Walls Or Floors First?

An orderly process is crucial when doing interior painting and remodeling in West Chester, PA.
When the process is correct, things work well. Your work remains clean and intact.

When the process is bad, your current work disrupts your previous work.
This is the reasoning behind the question of whether to refinish your floors first or paint the interior walls first.
It is a close call and both sides have pros and cons.
It largely depends on changing factors, some of which may be specific to your project.
Let’s have a closer look;

Flooring Before Painting the Walls

If you just don’t have a floor covering yet, then you will benefit greatly by painting the walls and ceiling first.
You can paint freely, without much worry. In this case, the decision is practically made for you already.

Consider The Question Of Appearance.

The appearance of which surface is more permanent: floor or walls?
The wall color can be changed over the course of a weekend.
By Monday, your once pink walls will be blue. But it is more difficult to touch up a floor to change its color.

Besides, the absence of baseboard and other floor trim allows you to paint all the way down minimal masking.
In new homes where no flooring has yet been laid, this is how it works: the walls are painted first, then the flooring comes later.

When using a floor sander around a room, there is the possibility of scratching your newly painted walls.

Even if you’ve removed the baseboards, there’s enough activity going on to scrape, dig, or scratch your perfectly painted walls.

Paint splatter is a major concern. If you drip on a fully finished and sealed floor, as long as you remove the drip in a few minutes, it’s almost as if the drip never happened.

Finally, there is dust. Sanding floors creates a huge amount of dust. This dust is deposited not only on horizontal surfaces but also on vertical surfaces such as walls.
Flatter gloss paints appear to have the unique ability to attract dust.
Also, the brighter the paint, the more difficult it is to clean. Truly flat paint (paint at the end of the gloss scale) can be so difficult to clean the dust off it that it is almost easier to repaint the walls entirely.

Paint the Walls before Renovating the Floors

One reason homeowners may want to paint the walls first is they fear dripping or splattering the paint on their newly finished floor.
The floors are expensive, but the walls are not. It can be difficult to clean paint from the floor. Walls are not fun to repair, but they are even easier to repair than floors.

If the floor is raw wood, the paint can seep into the wood and stain it almost irreparably.
You should sand deep into this raw wood to remove the paint pigment.
So even if you choose to paint the walls first, it is best to protect your floor from dripping paint.

The Bottom Line

The final decision, of course, depends on your situation, as well as your likes and dislikes.

Paint drips and splatters are a valid concern whether or not you’ve finished the floor already. The best way to make sure your floor stays clean is to make sure you buy a canvas.

A good canvas is a great investment in your home because you can use it over and over.

If you need help in repainting your home, our team at Left Moon Painting can help.

We have years of experience offering residential repainting services in Kennett Square, PA, and West Chester PA.

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