Kids’ Playroom Painting Tricks in Unionville, PA

May 6, 2022
2022-05-06 Left Moon Painting Company Unionville PA Kids' Playroom Painting Tricks

Kids’ Playroom Painting Tricks in Unionville, PA

Many areas are essential to a home.
There are bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms – you get the idea.
Sometimes, a playroom for the little ones in your home can be considered one of these essential areas as well.
Giving your children a room of their own that’s dedicated to leisure and learning is a great way to start nurturing their minds.
Having a whimsical room where they can play and let their creativity out will surely be an enjoyable experience for every member of the family.
Your kids’ playroom needs to look fun and exciting if you don’t want them to feel bored after the first couple of hours.

If you’re looking to paint and decorate a playroom for your children, here are some Kids’ Playroom Painting Tricks in Unionville, PA

Paint a Mural on the Walls – or Even Ceilings!

Murals are a great way to cover up lots of space, and the ideas are endless!
Adding a mural to your kids’ playroom will make your kids feel like they just jumped out of a picture book.
What you paint on the mural is entirely up to your kids’ interests, so it’ll make them feel like they played a part in designing the room too.
You can use stenciling techniques if you want to have specific patterns painted.
You also have the option of painting a different mural on each wall of the playroom for more variety.
Don’t just stop at walls – add the room’s ceiling to the fun too!
You can extend the design of your mural from the walls all the way up to the ceiling to give the full immersive effect!
If mural painting is a little too out of your skillset, you can also hire a skilled artist or painter to do the work for you.

Stick To a Theme

If the idea of having a mural in the playroom sounds good to you, why not fully commit to the idea and stick to a specific theme?
Having a set theme also saves you the effort of agonizing over which things to place in the playroom, as they’ll all be tied to one concept.
It’s a fun and special way of personalizing the playroom for your kids.
Whether they like dinosaurs, fairytales, cartoons, or everything in between – it’ll be something the kids can relate to and enjoy.
If you don’t have a certain concept in mind, you can also incorporate your child’s favorite color, movie, or book, and work with that.
You can even switch it up every couple of years to accommodate your kids’ changing interests.
Either way, our kids will be rushing to play in their playroom every day!

Mix Fun and Function with Chalkboard Paint

Are you worried your little ones will leave scribbles and stains on the walls?
Turn a problem into a fun family activity with this next idea.
One fun solution to that is to use chalkboard paint!
Chalkboard paint is exactly what it sounds like – a type of paint that works exactly like a real chalkboard once dried!
You can apply chalkboard paint to a lot of different surfaces, so there’s no shortage of areas you can paint on.
Aside from the walls, you can paint a portion of the floor or the surface of a desk.
If you’ve got a budding Picasso or Van Gogh on your hands, this is an excellent way of nurturing their artistic talents.
Plus, it also helps you avoid any wall-scrubbing and wall-cleaning situations.
Give your kids some colored chalk and watch them let their creativity out!
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