Kitchen Accent Wall Painting Tips To Brighten Up Your Space In Hockessin, DE

May 26, 2023
2023-05-26 Left Moon Painting Hockessin DE Kitchen Accent Wall Painting Tips

Kitchen Accent Wall Painting Tips To Brighten Up Your Space In Hockessin, DE

In the process of updating your kitchen, it’s quite possible that you’re going to turn to one of your walls and decide that you want to turn it into an accent wall.

However, not all accent walls are created equally and just because you make the time to paint your accent wall, it does not mean that you will successfully make for a better kitchen.

Let’s have a look at some tips for painting your kitchen accent wall in a way that helps you to brighten your kitchen space and make for an overall nicer looking kitchen.

1. Choose A Good Color

An important way that you can make for a better looking accent wall in your kitchen is to start off by choosing a good color for the wall.

The thing about an accent wall is that by its very definition, it needs to be distinct from the other walls in the room and so the color or colors that you choose for the wall should contrast with the color or colors of the other walls.

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to pick a few different options that you think might look good on your accent wall, get some samples, and then paint a little bit of each of them so you can see how each color is going to look in a number of lighting conditions.

2. Consider Decorations To Go On The Wall

When you have finished painting your accent wall, it’s entirely possible that you will be happy with the results and how the wall looks.

However, it’s also quite possible that you will notice that the kitchen accent wall will be just the right place to put certain decorations that you have that are appropriate for that kind of space and accent wall.

Though it’s not necessary to put decorations on an accent wall, you may find that having them is going to be just the thing to make the space look that much brighter.

3. Make Use Of The Right Kind Of Gloss

There are a number of different ways that paint can be as far as gloss goes ranging from flat paint to semi-gloss all the way to fully glossy.

The thing that you’re going to want to do when you’re picking the gloss is to consider what kind of gloss is on the other walls in the room.

As much as you want your accent wall to contrast with the other walls, in this case, you are not going to want to differ — having a glossy wall when the other walls are flat would not make for a good looking room.

It’s better to match the gloss of your accent wall to the gloss of the other walls for the best results.

4. Pick The Right Wall

In a typical room, you’re going to have at least three or four walls (not including the ceiling of course) and what you have to do when you’re looking to paint an accent wall is to make sure you choose the right wall to be it.

The concept of an accent wall, as has been previously mentioned, is that you’re going to have a wall that stands out from the other walls in the room.

The best way that you can achieve this is to choose an appropriate wall — which of the walls is going to draw the eye and be a good place for focus?

If you can make the appropriate choice for the accent wall, your work of getting that accent wall to look great is going to be a lot easier.

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