Kitchen Cabinet Painting : Staining Versus Painting In Kennett Square, PA

December 16, 2023
2023-12-16 Left Moon Painting Kennett Square PA Kitchen Cabinet Staining Vs Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painting : Staining Versus Painting In Kennett Square, PA

In looking to paint your kitchen cabinet, you can go the paint route or the stain route — and while both of them do ultimately make your kitchen look better, there are times when it’s clear that one of them is going to be preferable to the other.

It’s important in assessing the choice between the two that you have a good reason to choose the right one for your kitchen — and in some cases, making the wrong choices will really make your kitchen not have the look you want.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some ways to decide if you want to go for staining versus painting kitchen cabinets and the impact it will have on your kitchen.

Paint If : You Are Looking For More Color Variety

When it comes to choosing whether you’re going to be painting or staining, a pretty easy way to determine that you should go for color over staining is if you are pretty set on making use of a colorful color over a standard stain look.

While staining your cabinets does give them a rather lovely look, the look is fairly limited to different shades of the existing color of the wood that you are painting and can go anywhere from light wood to dark wood — but you’re not going to see stained cabinet that are purple, for example.

For having a good selection of colors, you’re really going to want to go to paint because the color or colors you want to see on your cabinet can be there should you make use of paint.

Stain If : Your Cabinet Have Lovely Grain

When your cabinets are freshly made or just have not ever been painted or stained and you can see well that the grain on the cabinets are quite impressive, you may want to go with stain.

When you apply stain to your cabinets, you will find that you can still make out the grain of your cabinet doors and drawers, and that is good for being able to admire this grain.

However, painting your cabinets takes away the ability to see the grain at all — you will entirely be covering the grain of your cabinets and so you will entirely miss out on seeing the loveliness of the grain.

Debate The Two : Based On The Light In The Kitchen

When you are looking in the kitchen at your unpainted / unstained cabinets, you should have a look at the kind of light that you have in the room and then based on that make a better decision on choosing between stain and paint.

As you’re looking around the kitchen, you may come to realize that the light that you see in the kitchen would be better to light up painted cabinets, but it’s also entirely possible that you could see that light that is there would be much nicer looking if it were to be on stained cabinets.

Of course whichever the case may be you are going to want to choose based on how it’s going to look with the lights that you have in the room.

Stain If : Your Budget Is On The Low Side

Generally speaking, your budget is going to have a bit of an impact on how you choose if you’re going to be painting or staining your cabinets.

If your budget is on the low side, for example, you’re going to want to probably stain your cabinets as this has a lower cost than painting and as such will be better for you.

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