Kitchen Cabinet Painting With Less Mess in Unionville, PA

February 6, 2022
2022-02-11 Left Moon Painting Unionville PA Less Mess Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Painting With Less Mess in Unionville, PA

There are few things we can do in our homes in terms of improvement that tend to cause a bit of a mess quite like a painting project, and we find that this holds to be true even when we are painting something as seemingly simple as a set of kitchen cabinets.

However, you should be aware that if you make the time to learn about some very straightforward techniques and principles, you can avoid making so much of a mess — as you will find below a good explanation to help you with this.

Let’s now dive into some tips for kitchen cabinet painting with less mess in Unionville, PA

1. Stir Paint In A Disposable Bag

One particularly simple way that you can help to avoid a mess when you are preparing to paint your kitchen cabinets happens when you are doing the preparation of the paint itself — for painting needs to be stirred, and often the stirring of the paint will make a bit of a mess on the floor itself.

Even if you have covered the floor where you are stirring, you are going to get paint places where you will be walking and you can just imagine how it will then get on your shoes, which will spread everywhere.

If you take the paint bucket and put it into a disposable bag before you stir the paint, you won’t find that paint spillage to be an issue anymore as the paint will only go in the bag and not on the floor.

2. Paint Slowly

When we say that you should paint slowly, this doesn’t mean that you should paint extra slowly, as in moving the speed of a three toed sloth were he to be able to learn how to make use of a paintbrush.

Rather this means that you shouldn’t rush through the painting process, as this tends to lead to you making fundamental painting errors, many of which will end up having you have to go back and make corrections that if not made could very well have you making a bit of a mess.

Moreover, when you rush to get paint on your paintbrush you could splash it about more than not, leading to paint getting to all sorts of places you don’t want it,

3. Protect Surfaces

It might be pretty obvious to you but it is worth mentioning that there is great importance in protecting your surfaces before you paint your kitchen cabinets.

There is a lot of paint and primer that is going to be flowing in and around your cabinet area and you are better off having some drop cloth on the floor by where you are painting, for example, so that you don’t get paint on the floor.

It’s quite a bit easier to remove drop cloth from the floor after you’ve finished painting than to inadvertently let paint get there and then have to try to remove it.

4. Use Primer

Lastly, a seemingly simple thing that is important as part of the painting process is something that can help you in avoiding making a mess when you’re looking to paint your kitchen cabinets.

Specifically, the act of applying a coat of primer to your kitchen cabinets before you apply the first coat of paint (and yes, it is often a good idea to apply a second coat when necessary) can make the difference between a painting job that is a little less or a little messier.

This is because by having the primer there, it’s a bit easier to apply the paint coat there, as primer makes the surface smoother – and having a smooth makes you have an easier and less messy painting project.

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