Kitchen Ceiling Prep Steps in Pocopson, PA

March 11, 2022
2022-03-11 Left Moon Painting Pocopson PA Kitchen Ceiling Prep

Kitchen Ceiling Prep Steps in Pocopson, PA

When you’re looking to improve upon the look of your home overall you may think about any given room and how nice it would look if you were to paint said room.

This is true even for rooms such as the kitchen, where people spend a good amount of time making and storing food for the whole family as well as friends and the like.

What people don’t often think about is how they have to prepare to paint in a room, such as when they’re looking to paint the ceiling of the room — and this is no less true in the kitchen than in any other room that needs its ceiling painted.

Let’s have a look at some kitchen ceiling prep steps in Pocopson, PA.

1. Planning The Painting Project

The first thing that you’re going to need to do when you’re looking to paint your kitchen ceiling is to fully plan out the painting project.

Some people will go into their kitchen, look at the ceiling, and figure it can’t possibly take all that long because it’s a small room and the ceiling is literally one small surface in that small room – but that’s not necessarily going to be the case.

You have to consider the time that you’re going to take to properly clean and protect areas in the room as well as the time that you will need to ultimately wait between coats for everything to dry, as you may know from some of our other articles on the subject of painting.

2. Measure The Ceiling

You are going to have to measure the ceiling before you start getting ready to paint it, and there are two primary reasons for this to be the case.

One is that you have to be able to time this project of yours – the more surface that you have to paint, the longer it is going to take (and this is in terms of the time that it takes to get your brush or roller up there with the paint or the primer, etc) but also the longer you will have to wait for surfaces to dry.

If you don’t know how long it’s going to take to do each of these things you will not have a good idea of how long it will take to paint the ceiling and therefore you may take quite a long time doing so – not a pleasant thing for people who want to make use of the room!

Moreover, knowing how large the ceiling is will give you an idea of how much paint and primer you are going to need to purchase – this seems like a relatively trivial matter until you come to realize that paint and primer are not cheap and that you could save a lot of money by not purchasing too much.

3. Cleaning The Ceiling Properly

Lastly, a fundamentally important part of preparing the ceiling for painting is in giving it a proper and full cleaning – and this really will mean getting up there and making sure that you have removed every trace of dirt and grime that may have been up there.

When some people paint their ceilings they will look at it and with a dismissing chortle think that the paint will take care of everything, but this is quite incorrect and indeed all you will do is to make a mess on the ceiling that someone (perhaps you) will have to clean before the day is gone as it were.

So long as you properly clean the ceiling before you start getting it ready to be painted and you fully allow time for it to dry (wet surface = problematic) you will get your surface started right in the endeavor of painting your kitchen ceiling.

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