Kitchen Repainting Square, PA: the 5 trendy Colors for 2021

December 9, 2020
Kitchen Repainting Square, PA_ the 5 trendy Colors for 2021

Kitchen Repainting Square, PA: the five trendy Colors for 2021

Color sets the tone for each room’s style in the house, which is why a simple stroke of paint is enough to create a new atmosphere.
Gourmet or elegant, rustic or contemporary, natural, warm, refined, refreshing atmosphere…
All the desires are on a color chart.

In this article, we share five trendy colors you will see in most kitchens in 2021.


White symbolizes purity, and by extension, it gives an impression of cleanliness and hygiene in a kitchen or bathroom.
The color white remains a staple of the 2021 palette by multiplying its virtues: it brings luminosity to rooms and produces a feeling of spaciousness.
In total look, this neutral shade risks producing a clinical atmosphere.
White works wonderfully with wood and coexists with a wide range of colors, whether classic or bold.
White and its shades (pure white, snow-white, creamy white, pinkish-white, etc.) remain a safe bet to avoid any faux pas in terms of decoration.


Voted color of the year in 2015, terracotta is still riding its success five years later.
The “terracotta” tones remind us of ancient pottery, artisanal ceramics, or traditional tiles from Mediterranean countries.
Anchored in the south, its tones take us to the sun: all that remains is to put a cactus on the windowsill, a Berber carpet on the ground, and we are transported to a Moroccan riad.
When combined with black, white, gray, or brown wood furniture, the terracotta weaves a rustic-chic atmosphere.
In line with the warm tones that whet the appetite, the orange nuances return in 2021 to infuse their dose of vitamins into the kitchen walls.
In the spectrum of earthy hues, red-brown, ocher, rust, baked orange, to old pink are among the colors in line with the current trend.


Here is a color that has long been neglected. For several years, growing environmental concerns have brought green to the forefront of the decoration scene.
This shade evoking nature diffuses its soothing freshness and vital force into rooms. Combined with wooden elements, black, gray, taupe, or white furniture, it surrounds the kitchen with a country and retro style.
Green displays many interesting nuances: verdigris, khaki, mint, anise, pastel, apple, sage, olive, etc.
Duck green and fir green enhance the kitchen with their tone and design at the same time.


In the same vein as green, blue is a must in trendy kitchens.
If the sky’s color has not said its last word, light and pastel tones have gradually given way to deeper shades.
Midnight blue, navy blue, peacock blue, eclipse blue, petrol blue, electric blue, or even Classic Blue – which the famous Pantone brand voted color of the year in 2020 – have raised this shade to the rank of timeless.
With more intense accents, the room’s chic character now prevails over the friendly atmosphere produced by more discreet tones.


Yellow generally invades industrial-type lofts and interiors with its urban connotation reminiscent of New York and its famous taxis.
From now on, it can be found in homes with a more traditional character, in which this delicious sun-kissed shade brings a soft and delicate note.
So proof that yellow does not go out of fashion, whatever the style of the room.
Adding it in touches here and there, the yellow creates an atmosphere that is both warm and modern.
Color can blow an invigorating air when it is lemon yellow and chic when it draws on mustard or straw undertones.
In any case, it belongs to that variety of colors that make the rooms shine.

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