Living Room Accent Wall Painting Errors To Avoid In Unionville, PA

November 21, 2022
2022-11-21 Left Moon Painting Unionville PA Living Room Accent Wall Painting Errors

Living Room Accent Wall Painting Errors To Avoid In Unionville, PA

Your living room may not seem like the best place for an accent wall, and yet if you think about it there are few rooms that would benefit more from an accent wall quite like a living room.

When you are thinking about painting your accent wall, you will have a lot of opportunities to make the wall look really good but if you err during the process of painting, you may end up having to paint it all over again.

Of course, we want to avoid that kind of situation and would much prefer to have an accent wall that is going to look good for years to come.

Let’s have a look at some living room accent wall painting errors to avoid.

1. Limiting Yourself To Just One Color

One mistake that people will make when they’re painting their accent wall is to limit themselves to just one color — the point of an accent wall is that you are drawn to the wall for one reason or another and that the wall stands out from the other walls in the room.

When you make use of more than one color, you should be aware that the cost of the project will increase by a bit but it can be well worth it, especially if the colors go well together as well as going well with the other colors you have present in the room.

2. Applying Just One Coat Of Paint

Though of course, we would want to think that we can just apply one coat of paint after the primer coat and be done with it, the truth is that most interior paint jobs will require you to apply a second coat of paint.

This is especially the case where you are working with a wall that already had paint on it and you are working to change the color of the wall through the application of paint — the second coat of paint will ensure that the color or colors you see on the wall are only the ones that you want to be seen.

3. Not Cleaning After You Sand

You may already be aware that gently sanding the surfaces that you’re going to be painting is a good way to get the walls to have a smoother surface, but did you know that it also makes a bit of sanding dust — it’s what comes off the wall while you sand.

It’s important for you to clean up this sanding dust and remove it before you move on to the next step in the painting process so that you don’t end up with sanding dust in your paint.

4. Not Letting Surfaces Dry

After any step in the painting process in which your wall gets wet at all (be it after you have spent any time cleaning it or even after your primer coat or your first coat of paint) you need to let time pass for the surface to dry.

Some of the biggest problems in painting arise when you try to apply primer or paint to a surface that is wet — the best thing you can do is to make sure that you let the surface dry so you don’t see these issues come up.

5. Leaving All Furniture In The Room

Lastly, you should remember that when you have furniture in the room it can get in the way of painting your accent wall and there also arises the possibility of getting paint on it.

If possible you should remove the furniture from the room or at least get a good distance between the wall being painted and the furniture — this will help reduce accidents and keep paint off of the furniture.

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