Living Room Cabinet Painting Techniques in Kennett Square, PA

July 1, 2022
2022-07-01 Left Moon Painting Kennett Square PA Living Room Cabinet Painting

Living Room Cabinet Painting Techniques in Kennett Square, PA

When you have a good living room that you want to improve, there’s a possibility that you will have a look at the cabinets and think that you have to replace it if it’s not looking so good anymore.

The good news is that you can actually make your living room cabinets look substantially better if you make the time to paint them, and the even better news is that you can do a better job of painting the cabinets with a little work and some basic techniques you can learn today.

Let’s have a look at some living room cabinet painting techniques that you should learn prior to painting

1. Properly Store The Hardware

An important part of painting your living room cabinets comes in the form of removing the hardware that typically is on your doors and drawers of the cabinets.

You should know that it’s essential to remove this hardware for the benefit of properly painting your cabinets, but if you don’t properly store the hardware that you remove, it’s entirely possible that you might lose track of it and that would be rather unfortunate.

You can make use of gently cleaned take out containers (if they are the reusable sort) to hold on to the hardware so that it doesn’t get lost.

2. Remove The Doors And Drawers

In looking to paint your living room cabinets, you are going to be better off removing the doors and the drawers before you start painting.

If you leave the doors and drawers on your living room cabinets, there are a couple of problems that may arise in the painting process.

One of the issues is that you will find that the doors and drawers will actually get in the way when you’re trying to paint the rest of the cabinets, which will make it take that much longer to paint them.

The other issue is that it’s considerably easier to paint your doors and drawers if they are first removed from the cabinets.

3. Sand Before You Paint

It’s essential that the surfaces that you paint in the interior painting are smooth, and one of the best ways you’re going to get a smoother surface before painting your living room cabinets is to first properly sand the surfaces that are eventually going to get a coat of primer and then paint.

The important thing when you’re going to be sanding is that you should know that you’re not looking to roughly sand the cabinets but rather gently enough that the cabinet surfaces will become smooth and thus more receptive to the painting process.

After you have finished gently sanding the cabinets, you will find that you have created quite a bit of what is called sanding dust, and this will have to be cleaned before you apply primer to the cabinets.

The best way that you can clean off sanding dust is with certain kinds of cleaning cloths – but in any case, if you find that you get the cabinets moist as a result of cleaning off the sanding dust, you should allow time for the surfaces to dry before moving on to the next step in the process.

4. You Can Use More Than One Color

One of the great things about painting your living room cabinets comes in the time when you are choosing the color, presuming that you don’t already have one chosen already of course.

The thing most people don’t know about this is that you aren’t necessarily limited to just one color for your cabinets and in fact you can make use of a couple of colors, one that complements or even contrasts with the other color — so long as it also looks nice with the other colors in the room.

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